Jeff Stahler for September 06, 2012

  1. Shark vs swimmer stencil copy
    SwimsWithSharks  over 11 years ago

    Oh I guess only editorial cartoonists are allowed to have fun with politics.

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  2. John adams1
    Motivemagus  over 11 years ago

    He’s making fun of the DEMOCRATS for this? Wow, way to show your bias, Stahler. The GOP convention goers are every bit as idiotic looking. And crazier.

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  3. Cheryl 149 3
    Justice22  over 11 years ago

    Trouble is the TeaPartiers look like this, except older, every day.

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  4. Birthcontrol
    Dtroutma  over 11 years ago

    Same ’toon, just different buttons, last week. I did notice a lot more “crazy hats” on the Republican floor.They also had far more of what REALLY bugs me, clothing made of what appears to be cut up American flags.

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  5. Missing large
    frodo1008  over 11 years ago

    In either case, such disrespect for the flag of our nation, over which so many truly great Americans fought and even died for, should NOT be allowed an ANY political convention.

    And I am sorry, did you actually find where in the current Democrat Convention where anyone ripped an American flag from their bodies (going naked) and then burned it?

    I have been watching the Convention and have yet to see this. Plus, I can not believe that such an event would not be reported by least Fox NEWS!!

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  6. Missing large
    ARodney  over 11 years ago

    Hey, skeptic. The last person to burn the U.S. flag and go naked was… oh, fifty years ago? There are people trying to block tens of thousands of American citizens from voting RIGHT HERE AND NOW. Ask me which is more threatening to the idea of America.

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  7. Makotrans
    Ketira  over 11 years ago

    Oh, please. Y’all have never been to a SciFi convention, have you? I’ve seen worse at those conventions than what’s shown above…..and some of them were a bit risqué as well. What’s been drawn above is tame compared to some of the costumes at a SciFi convention. So get over it, people!.

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  8. Missing large
    DefensiveShooter  over 11 years ago

    Mr. Stahler, regarding your cartoon depicting two ladies reviewing a calender, and the one holding it wonders where the “Leave Your Gun At Home Day” is-you need to produce your catoons more accurately. Leave your gun at home day was July 20, 2012-the day the shooting atrocity in Aurora Colorado occured. You should be pleased that the safety of the shooter was gauanteed by the Gun Free Zone requirement at the theater. All the attendees of the movie were in compliance except the killer.

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