Jeff Stahler for April 19, 2016

  1. Earth
    PainterArt Premium Member about 8 years ago

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  2. Crow
    Happy Two Shoes  about 8 years ago
    Oh, make me wanna holler. And throw up both my hands.

    Marvin Gaye

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  3. 2008happynewyear1024
    TexTech  about 8 years ago

    TRUS TED – Trans rectal ultra sound TED. Yep, sounds about right. Just search on TRUS and you will see it’s true.

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  4. Missing large
    dflak  about 8 years ago

    If I wanted to live in a theocracy, I’d move to Iran.

    I must have a different edition of the Bible than Ted does. My Jesus doesn’t seem to be as full of hate and fear.

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  5. Img 20230721 103439220 hdr
    kaffekup   about 8 years ago

    I’m sorry, Painter, I can’t see the right side of the picture for the ads on the strip. Can you make them a little smaller?

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  6. Irish  1
    Zen-of-Zinfandel  about 8 years ago

    Our world is a magical place full of people waiting to be offended by something.

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  7. Bill
    Mr. Blawt  about 8 years ago

    Ted is more boring and depressing.

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  8. Wtp
    superposition  about 8 years ago

    If the political parties were as optimistic and pro-active as this, we would all have more trust in government.

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