Jeff Stahler for June 21, 2016

  1. Birthcontrol
    Dtroutma  almost 8 years ago

    Started advocating for smaller magazine/clip capacity decades ago when kids were getting shot up on playgrounds, and gang-bangers were going nuts. Also, background checks should have been standard long ago.

    Regulation, as noted by Justice Scalia, among other even staunch right wingers, is NOT confsication.

    La Pierre btw has just been the highly paid mouthpiece, at a million a year, the real power is the group that put him in place. Then a reasonable organization went down the tubes.

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  2. Albert einstein brain i6
    braindead Premium Member almost 8 years ago

    Naw, Harold knows that even a small amendment is exactly the same as total confiscation of all guns — except for criminals, of course.

    And then Obama will invade Texas, as he has always secretly craved to do.

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  3. Missing large
    yusodum  almost 8 years ago

    First they came for the extrapolations, and I said nothing because I wasn’t an extrapolation.Then they came for the hyperboles, and I said nothing because I wasn’t a hyperbole.Then they came for the slippery slope fallacies, and I said nothing, because I wasn’t a slippery slope fallacy.

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  4. Crow
    Happy Two Shoes  almost 8 years ago

    Ya little baby, man up.

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  5. Crab hat rear
    Crabbyrino Premium Member almost 8 years ago

    The NRA encouraged tye “they-are-gonna-take-our-guns” paranoia for years. Every time a Democrat gets elected, gun sales soar. The moment the assault weapons ban was allowed to expire, assault weapons became some of the most bought by “law-abiding-Americans”. Assault weapons are meant for only one thing…killing humans. No ethical hunter needs them.

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  6. Missing large
    Combatcarl  almost 8 years ago

    Is that LaPierre on the floor crying like a baby?

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  7. Missing large
    Flash Gordon  almost 8 years ago

    I want no guns at all, including no guns for cops.

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  8. Can flag
    Alberta Oil Premium Member almost 8 years ago

    Interesting that the manufacture / sale of lawn darts were banned as they were considered dangerous. Merely talking about controlling guns (never mind banning) and everyone goes ballistic.

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  9. Bill
    Mr. Blawt  almost 8 years ago

    A bill that would allow the DOJ to deny a gun sale to anyone if the agency has a reasonable belief the buyer is likely to engage in terrorism. The Republicans had a temper tantrum and blocked that bill.A bill that would require that law enforcement be alerted when anyone on the terror watch list attempts to buy a gun from a licensed dealer. If anyone who has been investigated for terrorism within the last five years tries to purchase a firearm the DOJ could block the sale for up to 72 hours to determine if it should be a permanent block. This bill was defeated.A measure clarifying current language regarding mental health and to make it more difficult to add mentally ill people to the background check database which would give them a process to challenge the determination. This bill was defeated.A bill to close the gun show loophole – would require every gun purchaser to undergo a background check, even during private sales or gun shows. This bill was defeated. He’ll have his little man temper tantrum, vote to make sure no one adds laws, only takes away laws, and then send thoughts and prayers for the next mass killing.

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  10. 300px little nemo 1906 02 11 last panel
    lonecat  almost 8 years ago

    Here’s my suggestion. It should be legal for anyone to buy a gun except for those who are a danger to society. Anyone who wants to buy a gun is a danger to society. So the only people who should be allowed to buy guns are those who don’t want to.

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  11. Missing large
    snapshot1111940  almost 8 years ago

    Hopefully, Wayne La Pierre will find out how Karma works, the sooner the better.

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  12. Frank   ernest thaves more respect commanded filling room 11 feb2016
    jbk864  almost 8 years ago

    Mr. Stahler, are we talking about weapons? Or something else?

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  13. Kea
    KEA  almost 8 years ago

    Harold is obviously a sane careful person I’d want handling an Uzi or a rocket launcher.

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  14. Vf 211 f 8j wave off hancock
    kuechja  almost 8 years ago

    You can’t buy an assault weapon in the US. Assault weapons are fully automatic. What is sold here is semi-automatic rifles that look like an assault weapon. Don’t buy into the fanatics BS.

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  15. Missing large
    dflak  almost 8 years ago

    Just to clarify. As long as I can still vote and have my say under the First Amendment, I do not feel compelled to exercise my right under the Second Amendment. I do not own a gun – yet.

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  16. Crow
    Happy Two Shoes  almost 8 years ago

    I’ll shorten my name when the republicons clean up their act, so don’t hold your breath.

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  17. Img 20230721 103439220 hdr
    kaffekup   almost 8 years ago

    I hate it when the “you put the hyphen in the wrong place, therefore your whole argument is invalid” gun crowd shows up…

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  18. Missing large
    kline0800  almost 8 years ago

    Gun owners should be monitoring not only the gun-control plotters in congress ( article 6/15/16 “Dems quietly slipping gun control into mental health bill”), but watch for White House “executive orders” to “go around” votes to not pass law in congress to control guns, and also watch the federal agencies new “regulations” and “rules changes” that will change laws on the books from recognizing 2nd Amendment rights for American law-abiding citizens! Court Judges must also be monitored for rulings that change law.

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  19. Bill
    Mr. Blawt  almost 8 years ago

    you can see the same sentiment in the gun nuts posting here. wahhhhh I want my gunnnnssss

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  20. 300px little nemo 1906 02 11 last panel
    lonecat  almost 8 years ago

    How can I take this seriously when people are saying that people drinking in a crowded bar could save lives by shooting. Really, now. This is serious? These people watch way too many shoot-’em-up movies. I enjoy the movies, but I know the difference between fantasy and reality.

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  21. 17089663590345538622707983594073
    David Huie Green ForceIsAUsefulFiction  almost 8 years ago

    People call for “common sense gun laws” to avoid another killing like happened in Orlando..Folks say, “That sounds good, what do you have?”.“Require background checks!”.“Didn’t the killer pass the background checks?”.“Yes, but when we’re through with them, nobody will ever pass a background check.”.“Couldn’t he buy them through his wife? Or kill somebody who owned them and take theirs? Like the guy at Sandy Hook who killed his own mother and broke into her gun safe to get the guns to kill kids with?”.“No. When we are through, mothers and wives of anyone who might know someone who might be dangerous will not only be rejected but required to turn in all weapons they own. Nothing less would help.”.“Sounds reasonable, what else?”.“Only let people the government has certified carry weapons.”.“Okay but wasn’t he certified?”.“Nobody would be certified when we’re through with them. Well, except for us, of course and our Army our Navy, our Air Force (maybe), marshals, deputy sheriffs, the sheriff is he doesn’t make us mad, my secret service detachment and maybe a game warden or two but maybe not. ".“Make them pass a psychological evaluation.”.“Even ignoring the fact that one mass killer was a psychiatrist on a military base, didn’t our killer pass a psych eval?”.“Yes, he did but he wouldn’t if he had faced one like what we have in mind.”.“Yeah, like what?”,“Like, ‘Would you like to own a weapon?’ If he says ‘yes,’ we reject him. If he says ‘no,’ he has rejected himself. Win-win.”.“Makes perfect sense to me. I guess that explains why you voted against related bills when the other party proposed them and they voted against them when your party proposed them.”.“Yes. They are insane. They don’t have any common sense.”.“I guess that’s why they say, ‘Common sense isn’t common.’”

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