Jeff Stahler for November 03, 2018

  1. Triumph
    Daeder  almost 5 years ago

    Is there a box for “Anything but Il Douche’s chaos”?

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  2. Albert einstein brain i6
    braindead Premium Member almost 5 years ago

    Under the Republican rule, there has been a very, very steady progress

    of wealth and income to the already rich.

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  3. Avv7uxthr0nws
    robnvon Premium Member almost 5 years ago

    “No Drama Obama” created eight years of chaos for America?

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  4. Agent gates
    Radish the wordsmith Premium Member almost 5 years ago

    Dems = order

    Republicans = chaos

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  5. Wtp
    superposition  almost 5 years ago

    Without compromise or cooperation, consensus cannot be reached. With the parties now choosing their voters, we desperately need a functional “NOTA” that will call for another election with suitable candidates if it wins the vote.

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  6. Img 0048
    Nantucket Premium Member almost 5 years ago

    Newt Gingrich is PROUD of the divisiveness he promoted (thanks to Darsan54 for this link)

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  7. Can flag
    Alberta Oil Premium Member almost 5 years ago

    Eena, meena, mina, mo, Catch a ******* by the toe, If he hollers, let him go, Eena meena, mina, mo

    Either choice will not solve the world problems.. however.. giving a thumbs up to the trump team will have some major consequences.. and not good ones for the middle class.

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  8. Missing large
    DanFlak  almost 5 years ago

    I think of it this way, if Churchill and Roosevelt could side with Stalin to stop Hitler, I can side with the Democrats to stop Trump. I love the Democrats as much as I would have loved Stalin, but they are a necessary evil at the moment. I want to restore the system of checks and balances even if it is based on MAD (Mutual Assured Distrust). It’s a sad commentary when gridlock is the best hope of the American people.

    The enemy of my enemy isn’t my friend, but a potential temporary ally: to be used as long as they serve my purposes. Once they have done that, I will drop them, and should they gain power, I will attack them.

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  9. Missing large
    wellis1947 Premium Member almost 5 years ago

    Reality Check: In the America of 2018, the election is an “Either/Or” choice! The illusion of multiple choices is just that – an illusion. If you cast your ballot for anyone other than one of the two major parties, you are playing into the hands of ONE of them. I know, it’s been pointed out that “sometimes” the third or fourth party candidate actually “wins”! And that’s true, and someone always wins the lottery, as well, but neither eventuality makes you throwing your vote or your money at it any less stupid!

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  10. Gatti bellissimi sacro di birmania birmano leggenda
    montessoriteacher  almost 5 years ago

    I certainly don’t accept the idea that all politicians are the same. The gop banks on us saying this so they can maintain power as meanwhile they steadily make their way to the polls. Not this time! I have never seen chaos like trump chaos, though W was awful too with a needless war and a near economic collapse. I’m not buying they are ALL chaotic and ALL the same ! If Obama lacked drama, give me another boring Democrat any day of the week.

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  11. Taz
    JohnHarry Premium Member almost 5 years ago

    Yes – false equivalence is the GOP’s best friend. Kind of like – “Look we had to kill the Gypsies they were as the Jews, the French are right up there too, we’re looking into them.”

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  12. Inbound to iraq  2
    Scoutmaster77  almost 5 years ago

    Come on, voter. Suck it up and dive in. Democracy isn’t always pretty.

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  13. Missing large
    twclix Premium Member almost 5 years ago

    If enough Americans fight the regressive disease with their votes on Tuesday, yes it will be more chaos. New chaos. The tumors have to be excised. They have metastasized and must be removed. Recovery will involve using the powerful chemotherapy known as truth, reason, empathy, patience and resolve. Repairing the damage will then take years.

    It’s highly predictable that getting rid of trump will create new chaos. And that new chaos will tick up sharply when Mueller’s report is delivered to the House Judiciary Committee. It’s darkest before the dawn.

    Vote for the new chaos!!!

    It’s the best!

    Way better than the old chaos.

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