Jim Benton Cartoons by Jim Benton for January 27, 2020

  1. Idano
    Ida No  over 4 years ago

    No political commentary here. Nothing to see at all. Keep moving on, folks. Don’t want things to get all dark on your ass, do you?

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  2. 2b21f09a 63d7 4ad1 83a6 fdf4d8b30651
    Zev   over 4 years ago

    Truly the Dark Age.

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  3. Picture
    Ontman  over 4 years ago

    This reminds me of someone,who could it be,who could it be?

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  4. Desron14
    Masterskrain Premium Member over 4 years ago

    Better then having “YOUR HEAD ON A PIKE”, right, Senators????

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  5. Reading cat
    morningglory73 Premium Member over 4 years ago

    This cartoon gave me the heeby jeebies.

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  6. Dr who weeping angel  1
    Blaidd Drwg Premium Member over 4 years ago
    Republican dream? or the current Senate plan?
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  7. Image
    the_dungeoneer Premium Member over 4 years ago

    Sadly this sort of thing is still all too prevalent around the world.

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  8. C324e8d6 ab53 4f1f 9e19 b67868e9fa1f
    Judy Saint Premium Member over 4 years ago

    Another one bites the dust. Good-bye, America. Since the winners write the history books, the future will never know what you once were.

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  9. 690904ef 1e7c 4d36 a98a f46b185ca15f
    DCBakerEsq  over 4 years ago

    GroupThink is great. I love it.

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  10. Joyce in front of digital white house
    jrbaskind Premium Member over 4 years ago


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  11. Aaue7mchgp kzzgb5mcpmtyxyqqbzgfldb9avjtwpzn4hq
    AsherShipley  over 4 years ago

    i know right

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