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Packed with humor and heart, JumpStart is a modern comic strip with a classic feel. At the core of the JumpStart family is Joe Cobb, a big-city cop, and his wife, Marcy, a nurse in a bustling Philadelphia hospital. Their jobs are easy compared to the challenge of raising four kids. At the end of the day, Joe and Marcy want what we all want: a good night's sleep. Their oldest, Sunny, is an avid reader who can answer your questions before you have time to do a Google search. Her brother, Jojo (aka Joseph Cobb, Jr.), has aspirations of being president. In fact, he already is president — of his second-grade class. Joe and Marcy's newest surprise additions are the twins, Tommi and Teddy. This talkative pair began conversing in the womb and are still going strong. Imagine what they'll say when they actually learn to speak! Rounding out the cast is Crunchy, a grouchy but warm-hearted police officer who is Joe's partner, and a host of extended family members and friends. You'll enjoy the wit and wisdom of this colorful, unpredictable cast, which includes the antics of in-laws, co-workers, a 6-year-old doctor, and a texting dog named Snoog-A-Boo.</p?

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