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Kid Beowulf is an action adventure comic strip inspired by the original epic poem, Beowulf.  In the original epic poem Beowulf and Grendel are sworn enemies, in Kid Beowulf they are brothers! The first book in the series "Kid Beowulf: The Blood-Bound Oath" is the mysterious origin story of the twins.  Book two, "Kid Beowulf: The Song of Roland" follows the brothers and their adventure into France where they meet the French hero Roland, and the great king Charlemagne.  Both stories have been serialized online at GoComics since 2012. The Kid Beowulf series is available to buy in print through Andrews McMeel Publishing.  Kid Beowulf will appeal to fans of Bone, Asterix, TinTin, and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Meet the Cast

Beowulf is a 12-year-old boy with a mop-top of orange hair and a thirst for adventure. Grendel is his twin brother. Beowulf has a sweet spot for lingonberries and his favorite phrase is "Holy Loki!"

Grendel is a 12-year-old monster with green skin, horns, and a big heart. Beowulf is his twin brother. Grendel is a thinker and his favorite phrase is "Odin's Eye!"

Hama the pig is Beowulf and Grendel's stalwart companion.

Nagling is Beowulf's ancient sword, imbued with the power of speech and the power to nag.

Gertrude is the blue-skinned, curl-horned mother of Beowulf and Grendel. She is a strong and fierce protector.

Edgetho is Beowulf and Grendel's father. Once human, he underwent a magical transformation and now lives as a fire-ghost.

The Dragon is Beowulf and Grendel's grandfather. He is the oldest living creature in the land and imbued with a primordial magic.

About Alexis E. Fajardo


Alexis E. Fajardo is a student of the classics – whether Daffy Duck or Damocles – and has created a unique blend of the two in Kid Beowulf. When he's not making comics he works for them as Senior Editor at the Charles M. Schulz Studio in Santa Rosa, California.


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