La Cucaracha by Lalo Alcaraz for July 01, 2013

  1. 200
    Michael Peterson Premium Member over 9 years ago

    No he’s not. He was born on Krypton.

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  2. Bosco
    lutherg1  over 9 years ago

    O.K. What is an “anchor baby?”

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  3. Kernel
    Diane Lee Premium Member over 9 years ago

    Superman isn’t an anchor baby because his parents are no longer alive and therefore can not claim that they have a right to remain in America because their child is a citizen and it is immoral to break up the family— which is the definition of an anchor baby. Additionally, he is not going to be producing any children of his own to be anchor babies to allow him to become legal, because when that baby starts kicking, it’s gonna kill Lois within ten minutes.

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  4. U joes mint logo rs 192x204
    Uncle Joe Premium Member over 9 years ago

    “I was hoping Kenya would keep Obama there, but they don’t want him. Read their President’s remarks about Obama – if you can find the story – the mainstream media won’t report it.”Your comment is deceitful & morally bankrupt.Obama bypassed Kenya during his trip, so they couldn’t have ‘kept him there’.Uhuru Kenyatta, the newly elected President of Kenya has been indicted for crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court. He allegedly was behind a wave of post-election violence in 2007-2008. Kenyatta has ties to the Mungiki, a terrorist/organized crime group, who were behind much of the violence. Besides murder, they forcibly circumcised men & women. Kenyatta is not a leader I want our President associating with.Kenyatta & other Kenyan politicians denounced Obama for his views on homosexuality. Engaging in same sex relations is a felony in Kenya.I don’t generally watch television news, but most mainstream Internet news outlets have covered the story.I suppose Kenyatta is someone you admire & respect, since you think his opinion of Obama is important.

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  5. Jesus
    TIMH  over 9 years ago

    Wow, until today I hadn’t learned a new (to me) racially pejorative term since I watched All in the Family in the 70s. Thanks?

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