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'Lard's World Peace Tips' is possibly the only comic strip in the world that’s dedicated to bringing about world peace…and to making it funny at the same time. With his friends Alice and Little Joe, a little grey man called Lard sets out to inspire kindness and generosity. In a time of global uncertainty, Lard's eccentric wisdom offers a witty and unorthodox alternative that might just work...! Daniel and Keith have been working on Lard’s daily comic strips since 2012 and are now branching out with a series of ‘Lard Wants World Peace!’ graphic novels. Look out for new book launches coming up soon. And please send us your ideas for world peace and we’ll look to integrate them into ‘Lard’s World Peace Tips’. You can also see our short films and video games at



Lard’s World Peace Tips’ is created by writer Keith Tutt and illustrator Daniel Saunders. Keith (1959 – present) is best known as the co-writer and co-producer of ‘Pablo - the little red fox’, the Bafta-winning TV series. As well as being an author of around seven books, Keith has worked as a documentary maker for the BBC and a writing fellow at the University of East Anglia. He also had a spell in a coat-hanger factory. Daniel (1988 – present) studied Illustration and animation at the Norwich University of the Arts; he has self-published several comic books and runs a number of comic strips including ‘The Mildly Extraordinary Adventures of Leslie Lawrence’. More of Daniel’s work can be found at





A wise fool filled with good intentions, Lard’s methods for creating world peace are sometimes naïve yet often strangely and refreshingly brilliant. Spreading his unique brand of wise-foolery wherever he goes, Lard is an unlikely hero for a new age.  



Idealistic Alice has found herself magnetically attracted to Lard’s mission to create world peace. Resonating with his bold ideas, she has secretly fallen for Lard’s innocent charm, believing perhaps that he can help her experience a beautiful, poetic and fulfilling life. Good luck with that!



Little Joe is the great irritant in the lives of both Lard and Alice. Little Joe represents Lard’s great project: if Lard can change Joe’s terrible attitudes then everyone else should be a doddle. At the same time, Little Joe is Alice’s rival for Lard’s attention. While Little Joe might be a pain in the backside for Lard and his mission, even Joe needs some love now and again.