Liberty Meadows by Frank Cho for September 15, 2009

  1. But eo
    Rakkav  about 14 years ago

    You’re Death and you don’t even know his last name?!?

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  2. 64449 wallpaper400
    Ronshua  about 14 years ago

    My Mother in law had those same eyes .

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  3. Missing large
    glslightning  about 14 years ago

    They all do!

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  4. M67761m8zp9
    boozoothatswho  about 14 years ago

    No beast is more savage than man, when possessed with power answerable to his rage.

    Now I am become death the destroyer of worlds.

    As things stand, Israel has about 100 nukes and Iran doesn’t have any. Benefits of buddies in apartheid.

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  5. But eo
    Rakkav  about 14 years ago

    But Boo, who would use its nukes first? Not Israel (unless following the Talmudic proverb, “If you know someone’s trying to kill you, strike first!”). Who’s vowed repeatedly to wipe out the other side? Not Israel.

    Israel is a sheep surrounded by seventy wolves. Separation for its own protection (with gains by attrition, justly or not) is presently the only alternative to all-out war.

    “I am for peace, but when I speak, they are for war!” (Psalms 121).

    We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming…

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  6. 64449 wallpaper400
    Ronshua  about 14 years ago

    And the difference is if Iran had one they wouldn’t have one .

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  7. Senmurv
    mrsullenbeauty  about 14 years ago

    …come with me. Your table is ready.

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  8. Jellyfish
    rfsloan19  about 14 years ago

    Ain’t no way Death stands a chance against Brandy.

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  9. Ak100
    Herbabee  about 14 years ago

    Holy Seventh Seal, Batman!!

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  10. Missing large
    jamadison4  about 14 years ago

    Brandy will trump that dour bozo…..she’s a well-stacked Angel,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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  11. Bbrains 09 08 19
    stonehenge1951  about 14 years ago

    Thank you, Rakkav, for saying what needed to be said.

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  12. Baby angel with roses a
    Ushindi  about 14 years ago

    I still like the “eyes of my mother-in-law” comment - perfect, Ronshua.

    (And if all my neighbors had sworn to kill me and kept trying to, year after year, I would probably be a little paranoid, too. I would also arm myself as strongly as possible - makes sense, doesn’t it? Could you really blame me? Plus, of course Hamas has said many times, NO Israel, period. NO coexistence - Jews can live there as long as they obey Muslim precepts, but not as Jews or Israelites.)

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