Lio by Mark Tatulli for October 05, 2009

  1. Emerald
    margueritem  over 13 years ago

    LOL! Go Lio!

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  2. New jaguar anim 200x200
    i_am_the_jam  over 13 years ago

    He mailed it to Hell?

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  3. Werekitty2
    IncredibleWerekitty  over 13 years ago

    Well, he’s done other impossible things. The postage must be expensive, though.

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  4. Thinker
    Sisyphos  over 13 years ago

    Hey, Lio! What’s that mailing address?

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  5. Nanny poo
    carmy  over 13 years ago

    I wonder if that scared the hell out of them.

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  6. B986e866 14d0 4607 bdb4 5d76d7b56ddb
    Templo S.U.D.  over 13 years ago

    So how’d Lio get to know the address of Lou C. Fur?

    To let you all know (since we’re a bit on the topic of the mail service), there is such an Alaskan town called North Pole and a Canadian ZIP code that goes H0H 0H0; being somewhere in the rural outskirts of Montréal, Québec.

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  7. Croparcs070707
    rayannina  over 13 years ago

    I think there’s a town called Hell in Norway. It freezes over pretty regularly …

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  8. Xray death mask
    guitarmutt  over 13 years ago

    Awww, it’s an early Halloween gift: the kind you can use to decorate your lair, crypt or circle of Hell. Scarrryyyy!.

    Very thoughtful Lio.

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  9. Gnome green
    bubujin_2 Premium Member over 13 years ago

    He musta Googled “Hell postal code” and learned that it was a “community….served by the Pinckney post office with ZIP Code 48169. The unofficial population is 266.” (,_Michigan)

    Huh, I would have expected the population to be in the billions by now….

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  10. Pc1
    TheDOCTOR  over 13 years ago

    666 is in there, no doubt.

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  11. Lady with a bow
    ejcapulet  over 13 years ago

    The ultimate gag gift! It’s white but no elephant.

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  12. Dscf0004
    ninmas  over 13 years ago

    MERRY X-MAS!!!!!

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  13. Missing large
    BlitzMcD  over 13 years ago

    Actually if it eminates from Montreal, Quebec, it would be called a postal code, rather than a zip code.

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  14. Images
    comicsnoob  over 13 years ago

    Lio, Lio, Lio your my hero!

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  15. Engleknot face avatar small
    Steve Parmelee Premium Member over 13 years ago

    There is an actual “Hell” in Michigan - maybe an hour or so west of Detroit. Story is, back when the town fathers thought the town had grown to the point where it should be a “town” and have a name, they went to the most important local businessman and offered to name it after him. He refused, saying “You can name it ‘Hell’ for all I care.” Whether as a joke or because he carried that much weight, they did in fact so name the town. Anyway, if you want to just address an envelope to “Hell” in the US, that’s where it will eventually end up.

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  16. Mrpeabody tn
    whardin1960  over 13 years ago

    No address, no return - straight to the Dead Letter Office.

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  17. Greensun
    siddartha999  over 13 years ago

    @ the_JAM -> of course, USPS can “Get It Through” > not wind nor snow nor boiling sulphur nor raining brimstone shall stay their couriers from their appointed rounds

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  18. Img 0813
    GoodQuestion Premium Member over 13 years ago

    postage must have been hell to pay….

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  19. Hal 9000
    Kali  over 13 years ago

    Everyone knows the Devil resides at his office in the IRS…

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  20. Missing large
    soulriderjack  over 13 years ago

    B.L. Zebub, P.O. Box 7734 with illegible town, country and zip will send any package to Hell. Add enough postage and it may make it to Hell and back…

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  21. Images 1
    desturbedlio  over 13 years ago

    i guess the radical islams are on to something

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  22. Durak ukraine
    Durak Premium Member over 13 years ago

    I love how Lio mailed the package from a post office drop box. You’d think he’d at least have to go to the post office and attach a customs label to it. Or is Hell now considered one of the United States? That’s assuming Lio is a US citizen.

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  23. Forward woman
    Bender_Sastre  over 13 years ago

    Actually, the 7th (or 9th, I forget which) circle of hell is frozen solid, so you’d want to keep the mail from freezing solid and shattering.

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  24. Baby angel with roses a
    Ushindi  over 13 years ago

    You’ll notice it was the U.S. Mail that delivered that package to the correct address. Nothing DOES stop them, does it? They WILL go to hell and back for you.

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  25. Right here
    Sherlock Watson  over 13 years ago

    Steve: So all these years people have been telling me to go to Michigan?

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  26. Sirgrapefellow
    Shantikami  over 13 years ago

    Actually, he just pretended it was a vessel and turned it on at the dmv, a la Reaper.

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  27. Starvalesnow401 copy t460
    RioBravo  over 13 years ago

    Lio works in mysterious ways……………

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  28. Durak ukraine
    Durak Premium Member over 13 years ago

    There was a good comic involving the mailman on Scary Gary yesterday. Great minds do indeed think alike.

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  29. Evenstar
    Trisha_Evenstar  over 13 years ago


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  30. Engleknot face avatar small
    Steve Parmelee Premium Member over 13 years ago

    SherlockWatson: When you put it that way … ouch! Guess so!

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  31. Missing large
    hlagallah  over 12 years ago

    Disturbing in such a good way

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  32. Missing large
    gladiator59  almost 12 years ago

    wtf??!!!it wont show up . all it shows comic unavailable pleases check back soon. i love this comic and i cant find this strip anywhere else on the internet

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  33. 8783815e 1140 4550 8a71 05038644de30
    The_bunny_guy  over 2 years ago

    I happen to be very religious.

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  34. Missing large
    sunchaunzo  almost 2 years ago

    This is something Dean Winchester would have done to Crowley.

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