Lisa Benson for October 28, 2011

  1. Real government
    CogentModality  almost 11 years ago

    HA HA

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  2. Missing large
    mikescrill  almost 11 years ago

    Is Obama all you got? There must be more than that!

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  3. Cheryl 149 3
    Justice22  almost 11 years ago

    Tower, The one to lose in this is the average person as there will be cuts across the board if nothing is agreed upon. Members of this panel will lose credibility also.

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  4. Infantry
    aguirra3  almost 11 years ago

    how about we cut the big 3 by 10%…Defense, Medicare, welfare. AND…cut our elected leadership pay 50%.

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  5. Missing large
    ARodney  almost 11 years ago

    Oh, great. Nothing but millionaires in congress. THAT will surely represent us better. How about we pay our congressmen and senators enough that they don’t have to spend 40% of their time wheedling money out of industry and the wealthy? It would be the best return on investment we could possibly make. Do you know how much of America’s wealth is given away in return for campaign contributions?

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