Lisa Benson for May 04, 2022

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    ibFrank  11 months ago

    Who forgot their Depends that day?

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    DrDon1  11 months ago

    When has our Supreme Court ever defended ‘Government of, by, and for the People?’

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  3. Avat
    Radish the old word monger Premium Member 11 months ago

    Puts a little bend on the republican plan to regulate sex in America.

    Americans can see what totalitarian wackos they are.

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  4. Smokey
    Zuhlamon Premium Member 11 months ago

    Because the messenger is the important thing, of course.

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    cdbro  11 months ago

    Funny how the pro choice protestors were prepared with their coordinating preprinted signs, the media and the dims were prepared with their coordinating fearmongering talking points and it just so happens that Planned Parenthood dumped a ton of money into the midterms. Any chance that money, which is taxpayer money, is funding the preplanned leak and the subsequent outrage complimented with another summer of funded riots to follow?

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    ChristopherBurns  11 months ago

    Right, the leak is the big news not overturning a precedent of 50 years.

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    braindead Premium Member 11 months ago

    Like all Trump Disciples, Lisa is outraged. OUTRAGED!!!!!!, I tell you!

    Over the leak.


    The decision is, of course, one Lisa has been craving for all her adult life.



    Once again: The point of banning abortions is NOT to reduce their number. Contraceptives, sex education, access to health care and other efforts, would accomplish that.

    That is NOT the objective.

    The objective is to PUNISH SINNERS, women sinners, and especially poor women sinners. (of course, being poor shows that they are not in God’s graces and are therefore sinners anyway)

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  8. April older
    Lola85 Premium Member 11 months ago

    When they find the person who leaked this, I’m betting it will confirm my suspicions of the gender and political affiliation of the leaker. I am curious about the legal ramifications, though. Is there an actual law regarding leaking something like this?

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    Kurtass Premium Member 11 months ago

    Should be #$%#@/[( liars.

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    rs0204 Premium Member 11 months ago

    The point of the leak may have been to lock in the five-justice conservative majority.

    “I would be wary of jumping to a conclusion that the leaker is necessarily someone who opposes overturning Roe v. Wade,” said Richard L. Hasen, a law professor at the University of California, Irvine.

    Kermit Roosevelt, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania, said the source was probably trying to increase the price of switching positions. “In terms of who leaked it and why, it seems much more likely to me that it comes from the right in response to an actual or threatened defection by one of the five who voted to overturn Roe,” he said. “Leaking this early draft makes that more costly for a defector because now people will think that they changed their vote after the leak in response to public outrage.”

    This leak has Clarence Thomas and his wife’s fingerprints all over it.

    *NYTimes, 5/3/22

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  11. Missing large
    cdbro  11 months ago

    The leak is the bigger deal here. It was purposefully, unlawfully perpetrated to intimidate the Justices and to bring a “call to meltdown” for the lefty libs. It is a desperate play to distract from the 2016 & 2020 election crimes that are being exposed by True the Vote/Dinesh D’Souza and Durham and the Biden Laptop from Hell crimes.

    Why else would it be leaked? Oh yeah, plummeting poll #’s & the mid-terms.

    The deliberate back stab into Lady Liberty is shameful and is out of the dims banana republic playbook. It’s indefensible; but indoctrinated minds will find a way to defend it.

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  12. Marx lennon
    charliekane  11 months ago

    Iffn yer thinkin ’bout why . . .

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  13. Smokey
    Zuhlamon Premium Member 11 months ago

    I’s always fun to see whackos like seedy bro doing their rug-munching scream fests.

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    Kracklin Rosie  11 months ago

    Prime example of how untrustworthy are the Democrat leftists. We saw this kind of crap during the entire Mueller investigation with leaks coming out weekly and sometimes daily, all by Democrats. Contrast that with the Durham investigation which has had zero leaks. Lying, cheating, stealing, bigotry of all sorts has been the Democrat history from the end of the Civil War. Never trust a Democrat. Their primary rule is that the ends justifies the means and to them the end is raw, unlimited power. That’s all they care about and they’ll stoop to anything to get it. They’ve proved this time and time again. Just look at the leftist comments here. Lies, disinformation, distortion and propaganda are the trademark of the left.

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    Radish the old word monger Premium Member 11 months ago

    Fox News correspondent: Women in red states who need abortions can ‘go live somewhere else’

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  16. Avat
    Radish the old word monger Premium Member 11 months ago

    Probably your Christian lady judge Boney Carrot leaked it out of pride.

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  17. Smokey
    Zuhlamon Premium Member 11 months ago

    BTW, one million COVID deaths today. MAGA. ’yay.

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  18. Missing large
    DVK9  11 months ago

    Damn the dementia exhibited by the liberals on here is just truly flabbergasting.

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    GiantShetlandPony  11 months ago

    Yeah, the leak is the problem, not the horrendous opinion taking away women’s rights to make their own choices that impact their health, and their right to medical privacy.

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    washatkc Premium Member 11 months ago

    Just so sad. You still blame Trump for everything. The left is so simple minded. Now understand this simpletons. The court isnt abolishing abortions. They are saying its a state’s job to make the laws on that issue. Not federal. Read up on what the late Ruth Ginsburg wrote about Roe vs wade. Now the other issue. All people should be alarmed about the leak. To bad you dont get that. Says a lot about your party. Pathetic.

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    MuddyUSA  Premium Member 11 months ago

    The left will place all kinds of restrictions in this draft claiming it is about losing freedom. Which of course is not true. It is their ploy to detract people’s attentionfrom the current flood of bad issues the Biden administration has created.

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  22. Odin
    Holden Awn  11 months ago

    There will always be self-righteous zealots who hold that their ends justify their means, regardless of legalities.

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  23. Smokey
    Zuhlamon Premium Member 11 months ago

    So, not only are the right wing posters denying the very real fact that overturning Roe would have disastrous and immediate consequences and later trickle-down overturns of other laws of “established precedence”, they are (as usual) blaming “liberals” and “the left” at the same time.

    I mean, how dare some “woke” liberal (if it was a “liberal”) warn victims of that runaway truck that’s about to make road kill of them and their lives?

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  24. Missing large
    dnie  11 months ago

    64 Million. Read RBG’s views on Roe/Wade.

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  25. Missing large
    mikebrem  11 months ago

    I don’t think the democrats have been this upset since Lincoln freed their slaves.

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