Lisa Benson for April 23, 2024

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    knutdl  about 2 months ago

    Rattle and Hum

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    Joe1962 Premium Member about 2 months ago

    DEI runs strong at Columbia.

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    Murray's Hill  about 2 months ago

    Someone here said it’s ok for Ivy League mobs to harass and intimidate Jewish students as long as they don’t physically hurt them. Take a guess what his political leaning is.

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    gccowboy27  about 2 months ago

    These are our future "leaders, more accurately termed “ob followers.” The best and the brightest of our young people,. They attend the elistist colleges to get the best “education” possible, but are so sadly misled. They get intense indoctrination from biased professors sheltered by tenure who have no idea of life off campus and in the real world.

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  5. 9dmn
    GOGOPOWERANGERS  about 2 months ago

    Yea but anti islamic rethoric is ok right lisa???

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    Hello Everyone  about 2 months ago

    When I went to Berkeley most of the activists weren’t students. They were just aholes that wanted to destroy buildings and break things without consequences. I hated those guys!

    For example, one summer a bunch of anarchists had a convention in SF and all came over to Berkeley to riot. Jerks.

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    My First Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Ilmar Omar’s daughter got suspended for protesting / ignoring Police commands. She later wrote "My father, uncle and mother are no doubt disappointed in me. I hope both of them can forgive me. Ha.

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    The Nodding Head  about 2 months ago

    Right wing blather, as usual.

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    superposition  about 2 months ago

    “… For many Israelis, it’s hard to celebrate an occasion focused on freedom when some of their compatriots are still held hostage by Hamas in Gaza. The hostages’ plight has reverberated worldwide, with some families in the Jewish diaspora asking rabbis to give them additional prayers for this year’s Seder. Others have created a new Haggadah, the book read during the Seder, to reflect current realities.

    Many Seder tables, in Israel and elsewhere, are expected to have empty seats, representing those killed or taken hostage on Oct. 7, as well as soldiers unable to return home for Passover.

    There’s also intense concern, in some countries, about a recent rise in antisemitic incidents.

    The U.S-based Anti-Defamation League says it tallied 8,873 incidents of antisemitic assault, harassment and vandalism across the country in 2023 – up 140% from 2022 – with most of the incidents occurring after the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel. On Wednesday, the ADL and other Jewish organizations participated in A “Passover Without Fear” webinar, with FBI Director Christopher Wray and several security experts offering guidance on keeping the Passover season safe, secure and as welcoming as possible. …"

    — apnews .com /article /judaism-passover-seder-israel-hamas-hostages-0c029de3a2db1ffe4474daa7a881cdf4

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    VAS66  about 2 months ago

    Biden is, once again, flip-floping on these protests. He both condemns them and then says, “They have a point”. Our President is not a leader but rather an incompetent mouthpiece for whomever he currently whispering in his ear.

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    DC Swamp  about 2 months ago

    Jewish students aren’t safe on their own campus at Columbia and elsewhere due to leftist loons.

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  12. Braveheart
    Free or Not? Premium Member about 2 months ago

    This is an UNFAIR portrayal….of RATTLESNAKES!

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    Ontman  about 2 months ago

    Does Lisa know there is a difference between antisemitism and anti-Isreal?

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    MG  about 2 months ago

    It starts off as students protesting Netanyahu’s long time and latest efforts to wipe Palestine off the map. Then always (as you see), other players get into the mix, spinning the protest as generic Jewish hatred, pro-Hamas terrorism, Iranian stooges, anti-Christian-American elitism, left wing radicalism, etc etc etc. Hippy protesters whose only wish was to stop the Vietnam war were painted as communists, cowards, dope heads, freeloaders, fornicators, and etc etc etc. The common thread being, a simple protest stemming from a simple goal—peace inevitably draws in “outsiders” who for their own reason air grievances that have nothing to do with the original goal of the protest. The original effort to bring peace gets drowned and disappears into in a sea of rhetoric, noise, confusion, and raw hatred. Yet again.

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    Benaiah67  about 2 months ago

    When you lose the support of someone like Robert Kraft and I am no fan of his but I do support this decision Kraft made as he is paying attention to the antisemitic and pro-terrorist shenanigans happening at Columbia University, which is his alma mater. The students are taking over, with the campus reverting to an old Ivy League tradition: hating Jewish people. As the faculty have now joined the students, Mr. Kraft said that he’s no longer going to donate to the school (via CBS News):

    Then you have Harvard Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz who stated, "he no longer has any “loyalty” to the Democratic Party on Monday, and that he would not exclusively vote Democrat in future elections.

    Dershowitz, a long-time Democrat who has been a major critic of President Joe Biden and the current administration, said his party has been an “extraordinary disappointment” because they have not been very vocal about the pro-Palestine protests at Columbia University, which have been ongoing since last Wednesday."

    Then there is this piece by Mike Vespi at Townhall titles, “Pro-Hamas Activists March on NYPD HQ After Police Dismantled NYU’s Pro-Hamas Camp” He closes the article with this which I find very troubling. “So, are these terrorist threats? They want to attack police officers. Also, I would hope the media would now see these pro-Hamas thugs are decidedly anti-peaceful regarding their demonstration here. Jewish students are fleeing and hiding for their safety. These clowns are now chanting about storming the NYPD headquarters. Does anyone in liberal America have a pulse on this because it’s fairly obvious to everyone this is who the Democrats are.”

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    Alberta Oil Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Israel is very effective by labeling any criticism as antisemitism.. Kinda gives them carte blanche to do whatever and they are……

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    saltwise  about 2 months ago

    Cannot actually improve on suspiria. This cartoon is a projection of the rights’ true feelings.

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    BB71  about 2 months ago

    Do they hate Geraldo Rivera?

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    ChristopherBurns  about 2 months ago

    Anti-zionism does not equal anti-Semitism. Supporting the plight of Gazans is not the same as hating Jews. You can criticize your friends and still love them.

    Hiding criticism of Israel behind the charge of anti-semitism is not really working for you.

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    elvisgirl3  about 2 months ago

    Good job!

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    Grandma Lea  about 2 months ago

    the reamergence of the Irgun, Lehi, and Haganah; freedom of speach, rights to assembly: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

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    dpatrickryan Premium Member about 2 months ago

    The only reason your lot support Israel is their literal hope for armageddon and the return of jeebus.

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    lawguy05  about 2 months ago

    Hamas started it. Now look at us. Sickening.

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    lonecat  about 2 months ago

    As a life-long left activist, I condemn antisemitism. I condemn all forms of racism and bigotry. I support the right of Israel to exist, and I also condemn the slaughter that’s occurring in Gaza.

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    My First Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Joe Biden’s version of “There are fine people on both sides”. How’s it feel to be walking the tightrope in the circus, Joe? “I condemn anti-Semitic protests. … I also condemn those who don’t understand what’s going on with the Palestinians.”

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    My First Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Credit Babylon Bee – “Columbia University Students Reject A Two-Campus Solution”.

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    Murray's Hill  about 2 months ago

    It didn’t start with gas chambers. It started with one party controlling the media. One party deciding what is truth. One party censoring speech and silencing opposition. One party dividing citizens into “us” and “them” and calling on their supporters to harass them. It started when good people turned a blind eye and let it happen!

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  28. Sunimage
    Sun  about 2 months ago

    anti-Semite Democrats stand with anti-Semite Islamic extremist terrorism.

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    gopher gofer  about 2 months ago

    suddenly our rightwing brethren who were cool with guys carrying tiki torches are all up in arms about anti-semitism. they’re fine with israel killing women and children by the score, but anybody who protests against the slaughter is now labeled an “anti-semite”…

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    Ivan the Terrible   about 2 months ago

    Stop it! Your making me hard!

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    Ivan the Terrible   about 2 months ago

    Really, suspiria? That’s kinda dark and sick if you ask me. Get thee to the Dark Web, Satan.

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    Kracklin Rosie - “Tolo Dan Nan Galad” Premium Member about 2 months ago

    The left wing Democrats are showing their true colors at these campus riots, reverting to their KKK roots. Now the the left’s stormtroopers, AntiFa and anarchists are showing up as well BLM, Soros payed professional protesters and the run of the mill malcontents who will show up at a riot just for the hael of it. Incredible to see masses of NAZI minded antisemites rioting on American campuses and big blue cities calling for the genocide of Jews. They are anti-Americans carrying signs calling for the “Death of America and Israel”. Well, there’s your real insurrection and traitorous insurgency. There’s no Republicans in those crowds, they’re all progressive leftists, Democrats, socialists and Muslim extremists.

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    Jack7528  about 2 months ago


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    zendog13la  about 2 months ago

    Of course Lisa supports war criminals.

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