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When Karl moves to Japan with his family and finds a magical raccoon spirit, fitting into a new life becomes even more challenging. Join the adventure as we discover that living in Japan ain’t easy but it sure can be fun! New comics update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in color.

Khalid Birdsong lived in Osaka, Japan for two years teaching English and goes back once a year to visit his wife’s family. Living abroad inspired him to start drawing the original Fried Chicken and Sushi webcomic at www.friedchickenandsushi.com loosely based on his experiences. Little FC&S gives him a chance to see what his characters would be like in fourth grade attending an international school together. He’s always wanted to give the raccoon spirit, Tanuki, more of a role in the strip and creating this comic really brings his dream to life.


Karl- Karl is a kindhearted but shy fourth grader who desperately wants to fit in and spend time with the girl he has a crush on. Karl enjoys playing with toys and making puppets. One part of him wants to be cool and the other part wants to be a geek.

Tanuki- Tanuki is a magical raccoon dog spirit who loves to eat and cause trouble whenever he can. He’s still learning his magic so he can use it to help, and sometimes, hurt his owner Karl.

J- J is a calm, cool and confident friend who never sweats the small stuff. It’s the big major stuff that can upset J. He enjoys watching movies and doing martial arts. He likes to see the humor in life and he’s not afraid to laugh. Hachiro- Hachiro is Japanese but he spent several years living in the U.S. before moving back to Osaka. He loves reading about the paranormal and he’s fascinated by magic. Hachiro has a fear of many things but he sticks by his friends through thick and thin.

Ryan- Ryan is the popular kid in fourth grade and he’s proud of it. He enjoys making life difficult for Karl to show how much power he has at school. Ryan enjoys playing sports and picking on kids smaller than him.

Mai- Mai is Japanese but she studies English very well and she’s not afraid of anything. She enjoys reading and playing sports. Mai has a great sense of humor and can help her friends lighten up in difficult situations.

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