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Catana Comics began back in November 2016, on Thanksgiving Day, by mistake. Kind of. I (Catana) was very sick and VERY full of Thanksgiving Dinner, and was fully melted onto John’s parents’ couch. I was telling John about something I learned in class called the Mere Exposure Effect - which is just the idea that the more you encounter someone, the more likely they are to like you. And John was like, “Hey, is that what you did to me?” To which i gave him the stink eye. And then he said “You should make a comic about that.”


So I picked up John’s very old 3 lb monster of an iPad and my finest pen-stylus, and got to work. I made one comic. And then more, never with the intent of putting them online. It took great amounts of convincing from John, but the Internet did get to see the comics eventually. And to my surprise - you guys liked them! Ever since then I’ve just kept making comics as if I’m making them for John.


Currently, the comics have boomed to 1.5 million followers on Instagram, and over 1 million likes on Facebook. Our first book reached the top of the charts in it’s week of release, which we are incredibly proud of and thankful for!


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