Luann by Greg Evans and Karen Evans for February 22, 2024

  1. Cadyacht1
    lvlax  3 months ago

    Yikes! Someone turn the hose on Bernice. She’s coming off way too eager.

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  2. Ecvgny wsaa0661
    J. Scarbrough  3 months ago

    Forward much?

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  3. Beb avatar
    beb01  3 months ago

    Last week was a complete waste of time except that it made Tara and Luann act like a couple of 4 year olds clamoring for their mother’s attention. But mom (Piro) has a migraine and only wants to lie down. But they following her into the bedroom and keep demanding her attention. So Piro calls Bernice. He could have called her Monday of last week and set up a time and place where they could talk. Because he obviously wants to talk. And instead of talking about his problem the authors have been going on about what a failure Bernice is as a psychologist. In fact at this point whatever is wrong with Piro’s mother will never be revealed because neither she or Piro are important to the story. They’re just McGuffin’s to get the Bernice’s plot going.

    Last week Rita mentioned that someone had asked Karen if they have trouble coming up with plots. K said that they had so many idea that they couldn’t use all of them. My follow up question would have been “but any good ones?”

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  4. Al the fish cup
    alasko  3 months ago

    Not very professional Bern, you’re not ready for the major league of counselling.

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  5. Download  6
    Joe1962 Premium Member 3 months ago

    Piro, don’t walk into Bernice trap, she too eager.

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  6. 720x720 cerber
    redhawk1138  3 months ago

    Bern seriously needs to rethink her Career choice because the way she is coming off is nothing if not pushy and intrusive.

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  7. 002 1972 volkswagen camper
    mnexplorer+  3 months ago

    So, which is it, Bernice? Yes or no?

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  8. 1d688314 6dae 4f59 9de1 8d7ec2824944
    Mordock999 Premium Member 3 months ago


    Piro doesn’t want “people” to know about his “messed up mom.”

    Does he not consider Bernice ”People?”

    Well, if he doesn’t spill the beans soon, he’s sure to clam up when Family starts returning at the DeGroot Homestead.

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  9. Ti
    Rhetorical_Question   3 months ago

    Not to share!!!!!

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  10. Missing large
    rasputin's horoscope  3 months ago

    I think Bernice can be trusted not to share Piro’s confidences. But can she be trusted not gloat that she knows one of Piro’s secrets and Luann doesn’t? As competitive as these three girls are for Piro’s attention, it’s hard to say.

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  11. Ann margaret
    Caldonia  3 months ago

    Change. Your. Major. It’s not too late. If you actually get a license, you could hurt vulnerable people.

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  12. Missing large
    kenhense  3 months ago

    Funny is funny – but ridiculous is not so funny.

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  13. Blunebottle
    blunebottle  3 months ago

    Lord! I hope no one ever gives her a license to practice.

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  14. Missing large
    nightflight  3 months ago

    Bernice is a cocktail lounge psychologist like those guys sitting on bar stools in Cheers explaining the world to anyone who will listen.

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  15. Missing large
    9thCapricorn  3 months ago

    Whoa. Back off, Bernice you’re being too eager for details. None of your business. Let him decide what to share. Perhaps you ought to go back to the PittsCC girls. They’re more considerate once you share what’s bothering you, Piro, unless it’s because of Luann’s presence you didn’t want to talk about your mom in front of your cousin.

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  16. Nermal
    Willow Mt Lyon  3 months ago

    If Piro’s mother had a stroke five or six years ago, she is dealing with a more recent onset of an illness. It depends on the condition that she has been in since her stroke and how well it is being managed. At this point, we can only guess how she is doing. None of us really know, but we can understand how worried Piro must be. (Yes, I know it is only a comic strip.)

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  17. Missing large
    jaydogg187  3 months ago

    How ironic that the person studying to be a psychologist is the person most in need of one.

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  18. Missing large
    snsurone76  3 months ago

    Why doesn’t Piro want anyone to know? Does his mom have an STD??

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  19. Missing large
    Ruth Brown  3 months ago

    trying so hard, but she keeps crashing and burning.

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  20. Monty python french1
    French Persons Premium Member 3 months ago

    Well, Piro, the whole world now knows..

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  21. Dachshund puppies 6
    Wishingonastar  3 months ago

    You just lost him, Bern.

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  22. Wilkins2
    Wilkins068  3 months ago

    Bernice REALLY tunes in when there’s misfortune involving some one else.

    She prolly listens to th Eagles’ song ‘Dirty Laundry’ everday

    ♫ Can we film the operation? Is the head dead yet? ♪

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  23. A667b8b3 9778 432a bad0 67bcfb554af3
    jea9hrkr  3 months ago

    As much as I hate this… It beats Betsy and her mental mess. Happy and uplifting would be a nice change…

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  24. Missing large
    Denver Reader Premium Member 3 months ago

    Bernice is a mess

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  25. Img 20131210 140725
    SeaSnork  3 months ago

    A case like this???

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  26. Missing large
    weikelk  3 months ago

    Piro is boring

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  27. Missing large
    sueb1863  3 months ago

    Piro picks up his backpack and leaves without another word.

    Bernice is such a self-absorbed jerk. She’s going to make a terrible psychologist.

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  28. Huckandfish
    Huckleberry Hiroshima  3 months ago

    You are intellectually and emotionally superior to this person, Piro.

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  29. Ellis archer profile
    Ellis97  3 months ago

    Bernice, settle down and just hear him out. You’re going to just make him feel uncomfortable or weird.

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  30. 20141112 192913
    Aladar30 Premium Member 3 months ago

    Poor Piro, Bernice the vulture saw his vulnerability and swooped down on him. Bernice has wanted to know Piro’s story for too long to be calm or patient. Maybe there will be the big surprise and Bernice will actually be able to help him. But seeing her so hyped up, I can’t help but think that Tara and Luann would have been more discreet and genuinely understanding. But there is always the possibility that, besides his needs to talk with someone about his mother, Piro wants to build a special bond with Bernice and these confidences are important to create that type of relationship.

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  31. Missing large
    mnxo4  3 months ago

    This is painful.

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  32. 3665c51c 93a9 479b 96b4 b9ceca3914f9
    mrsdonaldson  3 months ago

    Poor Piro. His “friends” are all self-serving. I’m disappointed in all of those girls.

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  33. Missing large
    ctolson  3 months ago

    So much for Just listening. Bernice had better go back and reread that chapter adn do a lot more Highlighting.

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  34. Ligand1
    RSH  3 months ago

    Kind of painful watching Bern leap from one stance to another like she doesn’t know how to handle this situation, as evidence from her thought’s and actions. Piro is opening up to her and she’s not behaving right.

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  35. 123631647 10157732280428316 4231990242952427275 n  1
    chris_o42  3 months ago

    Little too eager there girl. It’s as if Bernice is actually saying “Ooh hot gossip—gimme all the dirt!”

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  36. 43951295 10156038300759247 8492371128516345856 n
    Barrelmaker13 Premium Member 3 months ago

    Piro, DON’T tell Bernice anything. She’s too prone to gloating about knowing something the others don’t, and she’ll end up blabbing everything. Wait until Nancy comes home and talk to her. You’ll have a much better chance of being understood when Nancy listens and offers mature advice. And she won’t tell. On the other hand, she may force Luann and Bernice to room together, while she give Brad’s old room to Piro.

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  37. Sp4 kerry zane  1979
    Linnorm  3 months ago

    Bernice thinks she’s God’s gift to psychology.

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  38. Moneypenney me
    YorkGirl  Premium Member 3 months ago

    A little too reassuring and anxious, Bernice. More empathy, please….. have a cup of tea! Where’s Dez or Tiffany’s Teas? :-D

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  39. Bob 65
    Droptma Styx  3 months ago

    Does she plan to become a clinical psychologist? Does she have a Plan B?

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  40. Th 2659328858
    Just-me  3 months ago

    She just can’t help herself can she.

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  41. Missing large
    percheronhitch6  3 months ago

    He throws over those other ladies because he can trust BERNICE?? Now….That’s hilarious!

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  42. Missing large
    Doug K  3 months ago

    Whatever advise you have only applies to others – not to yourself.

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  43. Moneypenney me
    YorkGirl  Premium Member 3 months ago

    Bernice needs to remove her psych hat and put on her friend hat. Listen, empathize…he’s given her a gift by confiding and she’s too busy asking why to enjoy the gift. SMH.

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  44. Missing large
    preacherman  3 months ago

    I guess Bernice hasn’t gotten to developing a detached air in her psychology studies. Perhaps, she should take some CPE.

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  45. Missing large
    random boredom  3 months ago

    Hopefully Bernice won’t brag to Luanne and Tara about Piro sharing with her. That would make Piro think he can’t trust anyone.

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  46. Egret chick
    Fontessa  3 months ago

    I fear a terrible day of comeuppance for Bernice.

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  47. Photo
    RonaldMcCalip  3 months ago

    3 fastest methods of communication. 1) Television2) Telephone3) Tell Bernice.

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  48. Large qstvuunbfmdwygzolmuf
    carrissima  3 months ago

    Can G&K maybe introduce a new Professorial character to sit Bernice down and explain to her just what a buffoon she is being?

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  49. Missing large
    Frankie Girl  3 months ago

    Maybe Nancy will come home and actually be helpful.

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  50. Missing large
    MJ Weber Premium Member 3 months ago

    Run, Piro, Run!

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  51. Missing large
    rickmac1937 Premium Member 3 months ago

    She needs a good jump

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  52. Giphy downsized
    Angry Indeed  3 months ago

    Bernice is the epitome of loose lips ! Internalize, Piro. Telling her is like broadcasting it on network news!

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  53. Missing large
    nightflight  3 months ago

    Bernice thinks that psychology gives legitimacy to being nosey.

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  54. Missing large
    tremaine53  3 months ago

    Difficult to believe that Piro’s mom could be any more of a mess than Bernice is.

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  55. Missing large
    Kr-perry Premium Member 3 months ago

    Run, Piro. Run.

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  56. Desertinutah
    lanainutahdesert  3 months ago

    I don’t really like or get this male character. What am I missing? (P. S. I’m 72 – Does that make a difference?) : )

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  57. Kay 053021
    kaycstamper  3 months ago

    Pull the plug, Bernice!

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  58. Melting clock fizz creations
    cfkelley  3 months ago

    Not only is his mother a mess, so is Piro.

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  59. Image
    Tetonbil Premium Member 3 months ago

    Looks like Bern is about to jump outta her clothes! Or maybe just onto Piro.

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  60. Underdog
    ACTIVIST1234  3 months ago

    Been finds how exciting it is to have her first victim…I mean client!

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  61. Greg backlit
    mindjob  3 months ago

    Just another gossiping busy-body

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  62. 9 chickweed
    LFate  3 months ago

    When is Bernice going to start seeing a shrink for herself. She’s kind of messed up.

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  63. Tulips
    locake  3 months ago

    It is a bad idea not to share news like this with your friends. They care about you and will wonder what is wrong and worry about you. He could give his friends a little information, but not all the details.

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  64. 17089663590345538622707983594073
    David Huie Green YouSupportWhatYouDoNotOppose  3 months ago

    I have found over the years that it is quite often best not to look too happy while trying to get people to share their pain with you. Something about not believing you are truly empathizing or sympathizing or something…I wasn’t paying attention….

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  65. Photo
    j.l.farmer  3 months ago

    Some psychologist she will be. She’s a mess! Poor Piro

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  66. 20221107 194541
    aristotle835  3 months ago

    And just like that, Bernice potentially ran off Piro.

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  67. Missing large
    comic reader 22  3 months ago

    Hey Bernice, maybe Piro will realize he does want to talk about it if you push him over and then pin him down on the couch. It’s called Forced Interrogation Therapy. You probably haven’t studied that chapter yet.

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  68. Missing large
    crettawva  3 months ago
    Bernice is coming off way to ignorant.
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  69. Avatar 2475
    Troglodyte  3 months ago

    Think carefully…this is a ten-mark question, Piro. :D

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  70. Noble 10
    BJShipley1  3 months ago

    Ugh, she’s just a vile person. And literally nobody in this strip seems to have any respect for Piro’s wishes.

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  71. Missing large
    htieiri  3 months ago

    Bern has quite an ego problem. She thinks because she’s taking psych courses she’s qualified to do serious counseling to someone who obviously has mental (trust) issues.

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  72. Underdog
    ACTIVIST1234  3 months ago

    Again, learn some “Active Listening Skills” before jumping in, Bern. Only about your simple steps.

    If he tells you anything confidential now, it’s going to eat at you until you share it with Lu, maybe sleep talking in your adjoining room.

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  73. Missing large
    wolfiiig  3 months ago

    Remembrances of a girl like her. It still hurts after all these years and her apology. Not being dramatic, but I lit a candle to her memory. No drama intended but life is like that.

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  74. Missing large
    [Unnamed Reader - 14b4ce]  3 months ago

    Somebody build a backyard fence so Bernice will feel at home

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  75. Missing large
    Fuzzy Kombu  3 months ago

    Geez, I wish that someone had told me when I was a young guy that girls would climb all over me if I could just get the moody-young-man act right.

    Oh, wait. I was in fact moody. But it didn’t work, not in that department, anyway. I guess I didn’t look one little bit like James Dean.

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  76. Missing large
    [Unnamed Reader - 14b4ce]  3 months ago

    Piro should talk to Puddles.He’s a great listener and gives great hugs.

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  77. Photo
    AndrewSihler  3 months ago

    Bernice’s courses in psychology don’t seem to have taken well.

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  78. Neil diamond
    The Quiet One  3 months ago

    Bernice, are you failing your psych classes?

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  79. Comic
    Pipe Tobacco Premium Member 3 months ago

    Yes, Bernice is regrettably “too eager” today. But, I suspect the REASONS for her eagerness are NOT nefarious. She is eager to HELP Piro, but in her eagerness to do so, she is not aware enough of her body language nor the bluntness of her statements. She is focused on want to get details so she can run those details through her analytical mind to see how they fit with her current understanding of psychology theory.

    That is all well and good, but like with any clinician, another important skill needed is “doctor-patient” interaction skills that help the “patient” feel comfortable. For some folks these skills may be innate, but for many they are learned. Bernice does need to LEARN these skills in her quest to be an actual clinical psychologist.

    In the medical and psychological communities there are many examples of folks learning their craft who had a lot of “growing pains” in this effort….. but learn and grow they eventually did. This is what I believe we are seeing here for Bernice.

    A lot of television dramas with a medical ilk have had similar story arcs as we see here. I can remember seeing this in episodes of St. Elsewhere, ER, Grey’s Anatomy, and hell even in older shows like Marcus Welby, Trapper John MD, and even Emergency. Most folks (including Bernice) can develop that skill.

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  80. Missing large
    Decius Premium Member 3 months ago

    This is supposed to be funny because Piro is hot, but it’s not. It’s desperate and creepy (I’m including Luann and Tara). If when Les did this to Tiff, it was rightfully called out. But even Les (even Les!) learned that Tiff was more than her looks and that she should be treated like a human being first. Those rules don’t disappear just because it’s girls who are leching

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  81. Img 0252
    dogget  3 months ago

    “Hot Boy with Issues” chapter 24, third paragraph, found in “Phycology for Budding Phycologist-10whatever”.

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  82. Amazing fox photos 25
    eddi-TBH  3 months ago

    Everyone they know is a practice patient for a psych(o) student.

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  83. Img 0253
    eladee AKA Wally  3 months ago

    Take a deep breath, Bernice and just let him talk!

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  84. Missing large
    STACEY MARSHALL Premium Member 3 months ago

    Chill thee out, young lady!

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  85. Photo
    WilliamVollmer  3 months ago

    Bernice, make up your mind. Should he share, or, shouldn’t he share?

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  86. Dragon
    Asharah  3 months ago

    Bernice should be a lawyer, she’d be great agt grilling witnesses.

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  87. Missing large
    kittysquared Premium Member 3 months ago

    Terrible. This was an opportunity for Bern to be a good friend and she ruins it by being a bumbling shrink.

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  88. Missing large
    luann1212  3 months ago

    People! So many focus on how terrible Bern is as a psychologist, or simply, they hate her character, and they’re not feeling Piro too tough either. This, IMHO, totally misses the point of the story, and there is one, that is slowly developing, with the patented twists and turns, I like to call misdirection plays, that are constant in telling the story. One barrier to understanding is that tendency to hate certain characters, from Luann (duffessness) or/to Bern’s supercilious belief in her skills or understanding of how to be a counselor, a clinical psychologist, or possibly a licensed social worker. Those instincts come from a desire to help and a curiosity about the human personality, good reasons in most minds. I’m going to hide behind, “lets wait to see where this arc twists and turns” before I express a prediction (or have a nice “I called it” or a confession I was all wrong. I have an idea though, which I think most character based opinions miss, and contrary to some strong opinions here (BB you there -:)I think that this story(ies) are humerous, well-developed, and usually end, if they do, contrary to character haters, or dumb story critics miss, but hey I could be, and often am, wrong. But as Randy Newman’s lyric goes, “I don’t think so.”

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  89.  49 2nd alma for sale
    gileshead  3 months ago

    Who would trust that?

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  90. Missing large
    bwest.devore37  3 months ago

    Bernice is sounding desperate

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