M2Bulls by Marty Two Bulls Sr. for April 11, 2024

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    Fern   2 months ago

    Nebraskans United….strong!

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    phritzg Premium Member 2 months ago

    I’m sure the corporate and family farmers in both Nebraska and South Dakota will be happy to employ migrant workers, and they’ll ask no troublesome questions regarding their immigration status.

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    akachman Premium Member 2 months ago


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    Grandma Lea  2 months ago

    Only governor banned from a large portion of the land that constitutes South Dakota, “It’s not acceptable for kristi noem to lie repeatedly, stokes further division, and endangers the people of the sovereign nations which pre-exist the United States and South Dakota, which have illegally annexed and occupied sovereign territory of the Oceti Sakowin,” Iron Eyes said in a statement.

    Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairwoman Janet Alkire described banishment as a “rare but serious form of punishment” granted explicitly by the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868, and which tribal courts are mandated to uphold. noem has the right to appeal her banishment in tribal court.

    noem spouts lies faster than the Browning M1917 (450 to 600 rounds per minute) depicted in; M2Bulls excellent picture above. Must be why tRump supports her; she can keep up with his never ending flow of BS. Heard she and trump are in league with the cartels and are trying to discredit anyone who opposes the cartels (wonder how big of a campaign contribution (bribe) the cartels are giving those two?)

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  5. Myfreckledface
    VegaAlopex  2 months ago

    The Nebraskans may be bussing the invaders from Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Snark!

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    Ontman  2 months ago

    Excellent Mr. 2Bulls.

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  7. Johnny w 2
    Tarzan & Redd Panda  2 months ago

    A Maxim gun?

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    cdward  2 months ago

    The immigration scam is just that, a scam. All we have to do is change the way we let people in. There’s plenty of work for seasonal workers, but we have made it increasingly difficult to come here legally. Part of the reason for that is that corporations like their workers to be scared of being deported. If you’re always scared, you never complain about the terrible conditions you work under.

    We don’t have to make it so difficult — which of course causes bottlenecks at the border and wastes millions in tax dollars. But we want it to be difficult.

    Meanwhile, towns with larger immigrant populations have lower crime.

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  9. Missing large
    ComicLover2 Premium Member 2 months ago

    Is K-ristie Gnome is still getting welfare checks from the feds? It is repored that between 1995 and 2016, her family deposited over $3.7 million in government farm subsidies. And now she is flying all over the country to get her t-rumpification. Plastic surgery, cosmetic dental surgery, and whatever else she has had mutilated. The boarder issue is just cover for her spending federal money on herself and giving cushy jobs to her kids.

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  10. Wtp
    superposition  2 months ago

    Irrational, self-defeating things happen when you try to pick/choose/squeeze numerous alternative solutions into but two mutually exclusive, opposing ideologies and then only empower one at a time … losing half the solutions.

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  11. Can flag
    Alberta Oil Premium Member 2 months ago

    Like most war zones, they are largely political skirmishes and the republicans are doing their best to keep the one on the Southern border alive.

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    piper_gilbert  2 months ago

    Farmers won’t admit it, but they are dependent on pickers no matter their status. Lose those workers and lose the farm.

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    shw123  2 months ago

    Also… My dad used to oversee the state-sanctioned seasonal foreign worker program here in Virginia. He explained to me that many farmers preferred to use undocumented workers because, right, it was cheaper – the state mandated a certain wage rate and that housing be provided. Also, he outlined how undocumented workers helped the rest of us as per Social Security. So even an undocumented worker needs a paper trail to look legal, and that paper trail includes a Social Security number, which has to be fake, but which also means Social Security is removed from those workers’ paychecks. The end of this story goes like this: Undocumented workers help grow the Social Security pot for the rest of us, but never receive Social Security benefits because, well, they’re undocumented. Yeah, it really makes you wonder about Republicans – they’re just not into facts. When they drive around, do they ever look around? Do they ever notice who’s cutting all of the grass, and putting new roofs on all of the houses, and bussing all of the restaurant tables??? It’s not that liberals think that an undocumented guy killing someone is not newsworthy. It’s just that it’s such a tiny part of the immigrant story used always to make a false point. (And how many murders today will be committed by citizens born right here in America? You’ll never see this headline on Fox News: Citizen Born Right Here in America Commits Murder.)

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  14. Reading cat
    morningglory73 Premium Member 2 months ago

    Politics has become a reeking pile of rotten ()_(()&^*%.

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  15. Picture
    ChristopherBurns  2 months ago

    People who claim the border looks like a warzone have no idea what a war zone looks like.

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  16. Agent gates
    Radish the wordsmith  2 months ago

    Right wingers ARE FULL OF HATE AND GREED.

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  17. Download
    Walter Kocker Premium Member 2 months ago




    Leviticus 19:33-34: “When a foreigner resides among you in your land, you shall not mistreat them. The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the Lord your God.”

    Deuteronomy 10:19: “Love the foreigner, for you were foreigners in the land of Egypt.”

    Matthew 25:35: “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”

    Romans 12:13: “Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.



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    cracker65  2 months ago

    Great comic as usual M2

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  19. Grimes
    SofaKing  2 months ago

    Nebraska gave one electoral vote to President Biden, the area around Omaha and Lincoln are Democratic. I visited Lincoln and was surprised at the Pride flags flying, nice work Lincoln.

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  20. 3 stooges
    tee929  2 months ago

    “Noem, Noem on the range, where the Redpublicans hold very tight reins”…..

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