Matt Bors for October 22, 2019

  1. Missing large
    Monchoxyz  over 4 years ago

    That was easy./s

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  2. Agent gates
    Radish the wordsmith  over 4 years ago

    Insanely greedy Republicans care more about their money than they do about humanity.

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  3. Missing large
    Not the Smartest Man On the Planet -- Maybe Close Premium Member over 4 years ago

    Why is Lindsay Graham drawn with brown hair?

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  4. Pontiac logo 04 583x436
    Pontiac Mick  over 4 years ago

    To be healthy, wealthy and a good head doctor is a blessed life.

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  5. Fighting irish hood auto decal 2000x
    ndblackirish97  over 4 years ago

    US presence was preventing this mass violence of ethnic cleansing we’re seeing now; so yes the politicians that makes millions from the military industrial complex want endless wars, yet our military was there to prevent an atrocity while protecting national security interests.

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  6. Mooseguy
    moosemin  over 4 years ago

    You got it Matt! That’s the Republicans!

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  7. Brain guy dancing hg clr
    Concretionist  over 4 years ago

    Almost believable. Except for the idea that one of them needs help getting over the qualms.

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  8. Wallpapers jonny quest 1024x768
    J Quest  over 4 years ago

    With T-Rump and this lawless administration it is frightening how quickly we move on from each atrocity. Kids in cages and tax cuts for the wealthy? Wasn’t that like 1000 outrages ago??

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  9. Missing large
    ed27  over 4 years ago

    Well not all of us got a tax cut. At the bottom end it was minuscule and in the middle it was negative due to the limit on deductions.

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  10. Missing large
    jamesbaird1572  over 4 years ago

    I just heard a new term for the true Republican conservative, he is a State Authoritarianist.

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