Matt Davies for January 29, 2009

  1. 1107121618000
    CorosiveFrog Premium Member about 15 years ago

    When no one wants something that has the words “get one free” on it, you know the economy is bad…or that people just got smarter.

    “Smart people are bad for the economy!”

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  2. Ceiling cat sq
    danielsangeo  about 15 years ago

    Consumer: “I want a more fuel efficient car.” Big Three: “Don’t tell me what you want. I know what you want.”

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  3. Woodstock
    HUMPHRIES  about 15 years ago

    danielsangeo … it’s said that when an individual keeps making the same mistake over and over but expects a different result each time is demonstrating the first signs of insanity … now, for how many years have they been giving us the last line of your comment.

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  4. John adams1
    Motivemagus  about 15 years ago

    Humph - agree. Einstein said it.

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  5. Images
    JerryGorton  about 15 years ago

    I think I will go to the garage and polish my Prius!!

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  6. Bear
    1MadMan  about 15 years ago

    I don’t blame the Big 3, people were buying big iron and still will (to feel safer?) since the first gas crunch, so they kept the supply going. Had those gas-guzzlers sat on the dealers lot back then, we would probably have very different autos today.

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