Matt Davies for July 22, 2020

  1. John adams1
    Motivemagus  over 3 years ago

    Found it! And just where are all those fair-weather patriots who said they would rise up against a tyrannical government – indeed, specifying jackbooted thugs attacking innocent Americans? Where are you, NRA members? Shouldn’t you be going after the guy on the right? Hmmm?

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  2. Missing large
    brwydave Premium Member over 3 years ago

    I know, I know, the answer is “A”.

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  3. Missing large
    Not the Smartest Man On the Planet -- Maybe Close Premium Member over 3 years ago


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  4. Missing large
    ferddo  over 3 years ago

    But but but… whatever Trump does doesn’t count because he’s above the law… and he “believes” what he is doing is in the best public interest… /s

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  5. Ukraine avatar 92
    Teto85 Premium Member over 3 years ago

    Civilised people would pick “B.” Trumpanzees would pick “A.”

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  6. Chili wreath
    Diamond Lil  over 3 years ago

    No morals

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  7. 2716182 1920x1080 33217
    Ally2005  over 3 years ago

    The US is spiraling into the Trump abyss. November is our last chance to end this.

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  8. Gc face
    Spun_G  over 3 years ago

    The electoral college can help our Commandeer-in-Thief get re-elected if he is no more than 5 points behind in general.

    Joe’s got TEN points Nationwide lead right now, with not much waver at all in the past month.

    Should Trump actually (and foolishly) attempt coup of any sort, FULLY expect protests to put BLM/ANTIFA to shame.

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  9. Mooseguy
    moosemin  over 3 years ago

    The new “Brownshirts”.

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  10. Agent gates
    Radish the wordsmith  over 3 years ago

    Trump’s Terrorists

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  11. Download
    Walter Kocker Premium Member over 3 years ago

    It’s interesting – a good use of federal employees whose function is no longer necessary. I speak, at least, of the ICE and Customs and Border Control Agents, armed to the teeth, and sent to CONTROL the masses in cities and states administered by Democrats. Without rank or unit insignias.

    These border guards are not needed these days. Both Mexico and Canada have their border patrols to keep Americans out. No one wants to come to the United States – we’re in the midst of a pandemic exacerbated by wholly incompetent dick-tators who are flailing about trying to distract from their serial failures.

    If this doesn’t work, they’ll try saber-rattling – maybe shut a foreign embassy or two. After all, wartime presidents are always reelected. Remember “W’s” – or maybe it was his Dad’s campaign motto, “Stay the Course” for the duration of the wars THEY got us into?

    Stay the Course – BULL!

    It’s time to jibe, or at the very least, tack!!!

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