Matt Davies for May 29, 2023

  1. Lula1
    fairportfan  6 months ago

    I remember “That Was The Week That Was” – sort of like “Tha Daily Show”, i guess, but more musical bits.

    One time they showed a lot of businerss news headlines, without music or comment – the headlines talked talked about how well Easter cards and Easter tchochkes were selling.

    The last one theu showed {i remember it clearly} said “Looks like the biggest buying Easter yet!”

    Anjd then they cut awau to Nancy Ames {"the TW3 Girl" who sang the theme song every week} and, absolutely deadpan, she sang “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

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  2. Anarcho syndicalismvnnb   copy
    gigagrouch  6 months ago

    It’s a day for observance, not celebration.

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  3. 5cf96a5f 504e 4c6b 86a5 c29d9610342b
    Al Fresco  6 months ago

    Our sacred dead, priceless.

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  4. Photo
    S&C = Dismayed&Depressed   6 months ago

    As a little kid a long, long time ago, my Gramma took us to a cemetery where we placed flowers on some of the graves and she told us stories about friends and family she had lost during WWI. She said they had misnamed that holiday. That it should be called Rememberance Day.

    I agree with that.

    We should remember the true price of freedom. It’s definitely not cheap.

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  5. 7bf81e16 8ef8 4134 8774 9ce680cc41b6
    The Nodding Head  6 months ago

    The ultimate irony—or insult— Memorial Day Gun sale!

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  6. Missing large
    wrd2255  6 months ago

    I’m surprised frame 1 doesn’t have the slogan “Land of the free, because you can save!”. I remember GWB saying people could help the Iraq II war effort – by shopping.

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  7. Bbb
    NeoconMan  6 months ago

    Jesus saves. But Target saves you more.

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  8. Picture
    Ontman Premium Member 6 months ago

    Only in America.

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  9. Catinnabag2 50pct
    Màiri  6 months ago

    I wonder what would happen if everyone made and shared a list of those companies that try to exploit this holiday so that they could be boycotted all year ’round.

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  10. Celtic tree of life
    mourdac Premium Member 6 months ago

    May we never have to add to their numbers.

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  11. Missing large
    Grandma Lea  6 months ago

    Yes let them rest there in peace as we recall their sacrifice; as well as the distain that crosses a cowardly politician’s lips when he sees what he can never be. But hope his burial will be far from those of honor

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  12. Large img 0536
    akachman Premium Member 6 months ago

    Thank you for your service. (no fireworks, please. Just respectful quiet).

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  13. Coexist
    Bookworm  6 months ago

    “In Flanders fields the poppies blow. Between the crosses, row on row. . . .” – Lt. Colonel John McCrae (1915).

    ““Here Rests in Honored Glory an American Soldier Known but to God.” – Inscription on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

    Let us remember.

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  14. Screen shot 2020 12 01 at 8.14.28 am
    librarylady59  6 months ago

    Rampant capitalism… monetizes every ‘holiday’.

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  15. Katze best
    LeftCoastBoomer Premium Member 6 months ago

    I just hung our flag on the front of the house. It was Mom’s flag, and now it’s my job to put it out on every day she did.

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  16. 18199310 794855490678998 297509042221646966 n clipped rev 1
    ShadowMaster  6 months ago

    They have to make merchandising of everything.

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  17. Can flag
    Alberta Oil Premium Member 6 months ago

    Old soldiers never die.. American ingenuity can always squeeze another nickel or so from them

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  18. 20200319 192925
    IndyW  6 months ago

    We placed flowers yesterday on family graves. We have two uncles that we didn’t because they didn’t make it home. One is in the Coral sea, the other was at Normandy. It is a day of remembrance for them even though I never got to meet them. However, like this toon implies, we did take advantage of the sales to get flowers for the graves in honor of those who served and did make it home.

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  19. Ecd86d39 32ff 4415 8649 563cd2c1048d
    Joan Tinnin Premium Member 6 months ago

    The ultimate price

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  20. Ukraine avatar 92
    Teto85 Premium Member 6 months ago

    My grandfathers and their generation fought WWII in all theatres and the home front. I found out that one great aunt knew a great aunt from the other side of the family because they worked the same shift at a defense plant in Los Angeles. They all made it back except my great uncle Rex. He was the baby of the family and enlisted in the Navy in 1938. He was on the Arizona.

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  21. V7y3 l8i 400x400
    ∆ Today's Special: Burnt Toast on Rye  6 months ago

    Thanks, Matt — it’s always felt to vets that this was just another day to sell furniture.

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  22. Missing large
    Not the Smartest Man On the Planet -- Maybe Close Premium Member 6 months ago

    Americans lost a lot of credibility with me when they approved making Memorial Day not May 30th but the last Monday in May so they could have yet another three-day beer blast.

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  23. Thumbnail
    Jack7528  6 months ago

    Good one and to the point!

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  24. Missing large
    ferddo  6 months ago

    My family refuses to go shopping on holidays like Memorial Day.

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  25. Missing large
    WickWire64  6 months ago

    Part of the deal with Memorial Day is to live good and decent lives that the fallen cannot have. That means that racism and xenophobia and fear mongering and hate spreading like the Confederacy and the Axis pushed and the grifting of the military like the Gulf Wars and Iraq had (inferior equipment and millions made off of every scam possible) should be denounced and not embraced like the GQP does on all those counts. People died for freedoms and to set people free and that the cult wants to take those things away today

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