Matt Davies for November 30, 2023

  1. Wb
    mwksix  5 months ago

    Hmmmmmmmm… then again, he’s lied about everything else!

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  2. Ecd86d39 32ff 4415 8649 563cd2c1048d
    Joan Tinnin Premium Member 5 months ago

    It’s impossible to think of anyone I wouldn’t choose over that pos.

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  3. Agent gates
    Radish the wordsmith  5 months ago

    Republicans are insanely scary.

    “History isn’t history anymore. Truth isn’t truth, and even facts are being replaced by alternative facts and driven by conspiracy theories and ugliness,” Robert De Niro said onstage. “In Florida, young students are taught that slaves developed skills that could be applied for their personal benefit. The entertainment industry isn’t immune to this festering disease. The Duke, John Wayne, famously said of Native Americans, ‘I don’t feel we did wrong in taking this great country away from them. There were great numbers of people who needed new land, and the Indians were selfishly trying to keep it for themselves.’”

    He continued, “Lying has become just another tool in the charlatan’s arsenal. The former president lied to us more than 30,000 times during his four years in office, and he’s keeping up the pace with his current campaign of retribution. With all of his lies, he can’t hide his soul. He attacks the weak, destroys the gifts of nature and shows his disrespect for example using Pocahontas as a slur,” referencing Trump’s popular nickname for Senator Elizabeth Warren.

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  4. Blizzard
    Escapee  5 months ago

    Mark Twain was so right. People generally get the government they deserve.

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  5. Missing large
    casonia2  5 months ago

    Exactly what scares me, Mr. Davies.

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  6. 20140920 090003
    gary.eddings4157 Premium Member 5 months ago

    The people who will vote for such an abomination as TFG Drumpf are the scariest thing in ’Murica today.

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  7. 3c777ff2 4bb1 47cd 9770 62ea9f8bab9b
    monya_43  5 months ago

    The treasonweasel is only 3 years younger than President Biden. TFG is also morbidly obese, eats unhealthy, doesn’t exercise and has irregular sleep habits. All those things are not good for anyone’s health. The age conversation is just a red herring.

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  8. Database download 512
    jader3rd  5 months ago

    But if you didn’t know Bidens age, how old would you guess he is based on all of the bike riding and other physical activities he does?

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  9. Missing large
    Ginny Premium Member 5 months ago

    …and fat * is only 2 years younger. WTF!

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  10. Large 1
    Bout One: Diderot Effect vs. Instant Gratification  5 months ago

    Welcome to ShortSight 2024.

    Take a look at your other options on the R side of the Great Divide:

    There soooo many certifiably deranged psychos in the nuthouse-wing of the wrong-wingnut party. Persnickety Halley. Ron DeMentos. Vivek Rummadummy. Marjorie Taylor Spacelaser. Gym Jordan. Kevin McCarthyhearings. Lauren Bananaboat. Elise Stereophonic. And on and on and on. The Unfreedom Caucus breeds ’em by the battalions in their secret mushroom-lined cave and bat-lined belfries….

    Jeez — makes Chris Christie look like a cross between Mr. Rogers and Albert Einstein!

    Vote Blue to save democracy from the finally-out-in-the-open fascist party.

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  11. John adams1
    Motivemagus  5 months ago

    Not to mention annihilating the ACA, Medicare, and Medicaid, giving rich people all the money (with a hefty cut for himself), sabotaging our military, toadying to Putin…

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  12. Missing large
    Sojourner  5 months ago

    It’s hilarious that the DNC Dems hysterically claimed #45 would do all that during his first term in office. He did not, and his list of positive accomplishment, however ignored and dismissed by the MSM “news” media minions, is impressive. The Dems DID, however, manipulate and usurp the law to achieve their purposes, and did so long before #45 was even elected. And they’ve doubled down on dismantling the Republic to install their demented vision of “democracy” (aka M@rxist Socialism/Communism), disarming law enforcement, wrecking the Economy, wasting BILLIONS of $$$, destroying our energy independence, weakening our military, opening our border to invasion, etc., since #46 took office. Whether or not Mark Twain authored the quote, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled,” it aptly describes those who voted for the corrupt, doddering, and demented Joe Biden and remain convinced, against all evidence to the contrary, that he’s a nice and fit old guy who has saved our nation from the supposed tyranny of the Right. The endless haunting of all conservative site Comment sections by evidently brainwashed, TDS-afflicted trolls, who unsurprisingly possess the same or similar names and could well just be bots, just confirms my assertion. Another apt quote is, “There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.”

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  13. Missing large
    jvscanlan Premium Member 5 months ago

    It’s not age. It’s age plus mental and physical health. Joe Biden exercises to stay physically healthy and keeps his mind sharp (yes, he’s always stuttered and gaffed). Donald Trump is almost as old, claims exercise shortens your life, is already suffering from dementia, and has a massive coronary and stroke just around the corner.

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  14. Frank gifford
    nyg16  5 months ago

    and that is the terrible situation we are in, democracy is in it’s last days

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  15. Missing large
    Victory  5 months ago

    Biden is 81 years old, and sometimes he misspeaks or trips.

    trump is a racist, misogynist bigot who has been found liable for rape, who incited a deadly, violent insurrection aimed at overturning a democratic election, who has committed mass fraud for personal enrichment, who is facing 91 separate counts of felony criminal charges against him, and who has overtly discussed his authoritarian strategies for governing if he returns to power.

    trump can’t walk down a ramp without help, or lift a water bottle with one hand.

    World war 2.

    I beat Obama.

    AND he’s 77 years old.

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  16. 20211101 125120
    scote1379 Premium Member 5 months ago

    Still and always Trumpie the Clown !

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  17. Img 0100a
    Retrac Premium Member 5 months ago

    The ‘toon’s message is becoming reality. The 2024 election may be more about Vice Presidents. As an Independent, neither of those two candidates will get my vote.

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  18. 22ebfcac ced8 4f81 81ab 38a9544c0f83
    ragsarooni Premium Member 5 months ago

    I’ll take old over a$$ hat ANY DAY……

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  19. 7bf81e16 8ef8 4134 8774 9ce680cc41b6
    The Nodding Head  5 months ago

    That pretty well sums it up.

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  20. Marx lennon
    charliekane  5 months ago

    It’s the choice we have. Best not get it wrong.

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  21. Img00025
    babka Premium Member 5 months ago

    how can we call ourselves a democracy when we are stuck with these 2 candidates, when all possible alternatives are seen as spoilers & when an orange-faced criminal deviant is beyond the (corrupted) law (see Extreme Coup, formerly Supreme Corp, formerly Supreme Court) & (as we are continually told) “leading in the the polls” we didn’t take? next we’ll be asked to choose between Social Security & funding Ukraine.

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  22. Bald eagle portrait
    Kilrwat Premium Member 5 months ago

    When someone tells you who they are, believe them!

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  23. Great view up here
    comixbomix  5 months ago

    I can’t remember…did Hitler invade German cities?

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  24. Missing large
    AtomicForce91 Premium Member 5 months ago

    Why is Biden wearing a Trump mask?

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