Michael Ramirez for October 20, 2022

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    ibFrank  about 1 year ago

    Woman interveiw at a Trump’s rally said she liked Putin.

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  2. 9dmn
    GOGOPOWERANGERS  about 1 year ago
    Nooooo really

    Thought he was a saint

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  3. Missing large
    baroden Premium Member about 1 year ago

    I agree. Now what are you going to do about it?

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  4. Img 1754  2
    GiantShetlandPony  about 1 year ago

    Chances are good Russia will do nothing about their war criminal anymore than the States did about Cheney and Bush’s war crimes.

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  5. Yin yang
    Havel  about 1 year ago

    With all of the bombing of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure lately, I hope it will be a relatively warm winter there (and throughout Europe).

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  6. Images
    Zebrastripes  about 1 year ago

    I’m sure all the narcissistic villains, evils and demented wackos are enjoying their 15 minutes of fame….

    If we’re up to me, they would be on the last page after the obits and not featured at all!

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  7. Howler
    nos.nevets  about 1 year ago

    There are no good guys.

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  8. Agent gates
    Radish the wordsmith  about 1 year ago
    House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy warned Tuesday that Republicans will not write a “blank check” for Ukraine if they win back the House majority, reflecting his party’s growing skepticism about financial support for Kyiv as it battles Russia’s invasion.

    “I think people are gonna be sitting in a recession and they’re not going to write a blank check to Ukraine," McCarthy told Punchbowl News. “They just won’t do it. … It’s not a free blank check.”

    Republicans tacitly support Putin, stop voting for them.

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  9. Irish  1
    Zen-of-Zinfandel  about 1 year ago

    Ew! Leader of a viscous campaign, looks like he spear headed everyone.

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  10. Albert einstein brain i6
    braindead Premium Member about 1 year ago

    Not according to Your Messiah, Ramirez.


    Some day you may have to confront the fact that Your Messiah, in turn, worships the one you accurately call a War Criminal.

    Trump is the leader of Your Party, the one that claims that the invasion of Ukraine, including all the war crimes, is none of our business, and anyway is totally justified.

    AND that the invasion has NO effect whatsoever on the world wide inflation, that inflation is caused solely by Biden.


    America First, remember?

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  11. Tf 117
    RAGs  about 1 year ago

    “But…but…but…republicans LOVE him.”

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  12. Missing large
    DrPawl  about 1 year ago

    Thanks for focusing on an issue that matters. Regardless of who controls congress in 2023, I hope that we can agree to do everything we can to protect a free and democratic Ukraine.

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  13. Thumbnail
    Jack7528  about 1 year ago

    Putin’s coat of the Many Dead.

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  14. Missing large
    sedrelwesley2 Premium Member about 1 year ago

    …Trump’s buddy, let’s not forget…

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  15. 1968 avatar 1
    pamela welch Premium Member about 1 year ago

    Excellent rendering Mr Ramirez!

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  16. Fbab547a f046 46c4 98b5 08cf0dc801d6
    Kracklin Rosie - “Tolo Dan Nan Galad” Premium Member about 1 year ago

    Bwahahah, the disinformational left would have people believe that President Trump is somehow ‘friends or buddies” with Putin. Nothing could be further from the truth. The lefties here will not get this or will just deny it.

    Prior to becoming President, Trump was a high rolling businessman and power player. He negotiated with other high league corporate and political power players. He treated them as rivals and equals, not “buddies”, not friends although certainly he did make friendships, but by the lefts own definition of President Trump, in no way would he consider himself subordinate to or beholden to ANYONE else certainly not another head of state which, in all reality and in fact, was inferior to the POTUS. Given his ego, which I will readily admit, does anyone really think that President Trump would kowtow or otherwise take a subordinate position to anyone, much less Putin? Get real.

    President Trump wined and dined, held parties and attended others by all celebrities across the political spectrum. Democrats curried favor from him, wanted to attend his parties and invited him to all of theirs. It wasn’t until he ran against Hillary and won that he fell out of favor with the Democrat left and he became a pariah to them.

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  17. Screenshot 20180802 120401 samsung internet
    Kurtass Premium Member about 1 year ago

    You could put the same coat on Cheney and Bush.

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  18. 392945134 10222966427101539 7291125585212099960 n  1
    FJB  Premium Member about 1 year ago

    I was going to say that with this comic, it is one we could all agree on, but alas, some of these LWNJ’s makes that impossible. Sigh…

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