Mutt & Jeff by Bud Fisher for February 24, 2013

  1. Right here
    Sherlock Watson  over 10 years ago

    The first one was a ball, the second one was a strike, and the third one was a foul mood.

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  2. Sc00057a6901
    EstrelitaH  over 10 years ago

    Since al the men are wearing hats, it is most likely from the 30s or 40s. Could be as late as the mid-50s. When I was growing up, no one ever went outside without a hat – men, women, children. Always had to have a hat on your head. Then, all of a sudden, men stopped wearing hats. Many wore baseball caps, but you rarely see a man wearing a hat these days. Don’t know why they changed. Most of those guys look pretty fetching in their chapeaux!

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  3. Missing large
    coolhand000  over 10 years ago

    You win some and you lose some . . .But Mutt . .??

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  4. 20230806 235023
    Number Three  over 10 years ago

    It’s only a game… Temper Temper!


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  5. Missing large
    alleyoops Premium Member over 10 years ago

    I used to umpire kids games. It wasn’t the dads I had a problem with, it was the moms. They didn’t know much about the rules, only that their kid was always right.

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  6. Missing large
    derry1  over 10 years ago

    Cannoy one side support poor Mutt against the other side?

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  7. Jolie album
    brklnbern  over 10 years ago

    Poor Mutt. Reminds me of a favorite baseball story. Many years ago an umpire for a major league game was being heckled. One woman in the crowd yelled out. If you were my husband, I’d serve you poison. The umpire remarked back. Lady, if you were my wife, I’d take it.

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  8. 100309 jerry todds donurt patch
    TheAuldWan  over 10 years ago

    Too true…

    brkkinbern: Winnie Churchill said it….

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