Mutt & Jeff by Bud Fisher for July 31, 2022

  1. Ding a ling
    BasilBruce  6 months ago

    I once read that this same situation actually happened when someone tried to lure a raccoon out of his basement.

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  2. Win 20201204 12 32 23 pro
    oakie817  6 months ago

    on 2 occasions i’ve had skunks walk up to me and let me pet them, one was a mom with her 3 kits

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  3. Missing large
    sk55  6 months ago

    I once had one chasing me to get close enough to spray. It may have been rabid. Sadly, I had to follow Directive 303.

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  4. 09 ben turpin
    sloaches  6 months ago

    The one close encounter I had was on a camping trip back in the early ’90s. It was dusk, and I was sitting by the fire when I noticed something moving in the bushes. A skunk wandered out from the brush and began heading towards the open flap of the tent. Thankfully, it seemed to lose interest and wandered off in a different direction.

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  5. Missing large
    billyk75  6 months ago

    Jeff doesn’t know a skunk when he sees one?

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  6. I go pogo
    I Go Pogo   6 months ago

    Jeff has gone punk, rocking that blue mutton chop/stache combo

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  7. Goldenknight
    Dean  6 months ago

    Jeff probably has covid anosmia.

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  8. Jolie album
    brklnbern  6 months ago

    Bunch of things here. First the old Pepe LePew thing, Mutt was wise with his sheet shield, and of course he wound up failing miserably.

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  9. Missing large
    ratherb44 Premium Member 6 months ago

    Great gag! Timeless, in fact—providing you know what a skunk is and… sure enough, Jeff didn’t.

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  10. Missing large
    sbulger Premium Member 6 months ago

    The skunk family found a new home with food! Try to get rid of them now!

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