Benitin y Eneas by Pierre S. De Beaumont and Bud Fisher for November 28, 2021

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    Dkram  7 months ago

    Good morning Vagabonds

    It’s the first Sunday in Advent and the beginning of the new liturgical year.

    The day begins fair but the clouds start moving in this morning and becomes cloudy by late afternoon. Huh, I sound like a TV weatherman. (^.^)

    Not so much happening outside of church. Turkey for Sunday dinner, wonder where that came from?(^.^) Afternoon of Football, eh.

    To all a blessed Advent season.


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  2. Big bird cage 2a
    Jan C  7 months ago

    Good morning, Vagabonds.

    Our church has been decorated for the holidays and looks wonderful. We used to have a 3" tall nativity inside of a small lean-to type stable. Last year the pastor made a new tree-like decoration with the names of God on each branch. (hard to really describe, but that’s the gist of it.) I missed having the nativity and I guess some others did too and said something because this year, he draped the “tree” with nylon gauze and put the three figures in front of it and a star on top. It looks really nice.

    We’re still in chapter 2 of Revelation, going over each of the letters to the 7 churches, one each week. Today was Smyrna (which the pastor says means to be crushed. Communion, too. It doesn’t get much better than that.

    I did stop at WinCo and took care of the little bit of grocery shopping that needed to be done. It didn’t take long and now everything is finished. At least for this week…

    We watched “The Great Train Robbery” based on Michael Crichton’s novel of the same name last night. It starred Sean Connery & Donald Sutherland and they both did a great job, even if Sutherland’s British accent did leave a bit to be desired. I had just finished reading the novel, so it was a real kick for me. I do recommend both the book and the movie.

    We’re already warmer at 70 than it has been for a week. The high is supposed to be 72 today and stays in the 70’s at least through Friday.

    Everyone have a safe and blessed Sunday.

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  3. Photo0062a
    chris.smith618  7 months ago

    Good evening, Vagabonds.

    Well the day started out at 36 and warmed up to a warm 54 and sunny. The breeze was from the north and was chilly.

    I talked with my sister this afternoon. We have put our parent’s home up for sale. My niece has been staying there a couple of nights a week and keeping it clean and ready to be shown. Unknown people broke in and stole several high value items. They broke into the realtor’s key box to get in. They had more things ready to come back and take. I am sad at the loss of my grandfather’s Grandfather Clock and the antique radio which has been in the house since 1956 when we moved in. I can accept that these are things, but it still angers me that someone came and took them. I am thankful that no one was home or harmed by these thieves. I am thankful that they didn’t take more. However, forgiveness of the invasion and theft will take a while longer. :’(

    Goodnight Villagers, may you have a peaceful evening.

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