Benitin y Eneas by Pierre S. De Beaumont and Bud Fisher for May 15, 2022

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    Dkram  7 months ago

    Hay there Vagabonds

    A good foggy morning to you, thunder boom boom last night that rattled our teeth. As a result we have a fog this morning. The thermometer revealed 60 degrees to me. The Channel 3 weather page says a high of 70 today. Whew, refreshing. (^.^)

    Sunday, should be cooler We might head into the cemetery this afternoon or not, we still have two weeks.

    All y’all have a real fine day, and may God brighten it even more.


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    MontanaLady  7 months ago

    46 right now and SUNNY! by this afternoon it should reach 72. nice.

    can’t wait for the great Blood Red Lunar Eclipse. should be quite a show.

    nothing planned for today except for some ‘catch-up’ on the computer.


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  3. Big bird cage 2a
    Jan C  7 months ago

    Good afternoon Vagabonds.

    Mark it looks like our “upside down” temperatures have come to an end. We hit 100 yesterday on our patio (not me, the temp in the mountains was around 80) and forecast for 97 today, though the patio thermometer already shows 98.

    The retreat was wonderful. We had our secret sister reveal on Friday evening, a full day of teaching and fellowship yesterday, and a great final devotion hour before breakfast and leaving this morning. The lady I was giving a ride to had never been to Pahrump (we were halfway there already at the camp) so she and I drove on over so she could say she had been there. I wanted to stop at that wonderful honey merchant while there and she said that she wanted to get some for her husband as well (local honeys can help mitigate local allergies). If it works for him, she now has an excuse to get him to go with her to Pahrump. She and I had a giggle fest on the way home. And I managed to get completely unpacked before I started in with my computer.

    After that uplifting weekend, it feels like I am going back to same-old, same-old. Not much to report other than the broiling weather.

    Everyone have a safe and blessed Sunday.

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