Benitin y Eneas by Pierre S. De Beaumont and Bud Fisher for May 17, 2022

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    Dkram  5 months ago

    Hi there Vagabonds

    Cool morning in the NEK, starting out with 50 degrees and the expected high is a whooping 58. Oh yes, and rain. Ether roasting us or drowning us.

    One more bit of weather new is about a rare phenomenon for us. A tornado touched down in the upper Connecticut River Valley near Charlestown, NH just south of where my younger nephew lives. The thing with tornados here is they don’t live long, not enough level ground.

    Well now that the excitement is over I’ll get back to the daily grind of mail, quick stop and home. yay.

    Have a blessed day and may God be your guide.


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    MontanaLady  5 months ago

    another day in the 70’s for today. woohoo! love it. but there’s a warning Thursday for change-of-pressure winds. might be for that snow Friday a.m.


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  3. Big bird cage 2a
    Jan C  5 months ago

    Good afternoon, Vagabonds.

    Busy morning today. First was prayer group, then I drove up Boulder Hwy until it turned into another street name trying to find a couple of businesses I had spoken about to friends. I found one of them, but I suspect that the other one is gone. I’m not really sure, but nothing looked “right”. After that, I headed for the recycling center and then home.

    We’re going to spend some time on the phone with our financial advisor this afternoon. Michael has an IRA that is in a very volatile market situation. We want to move it somewhere to protect it better, but have no idea where or what.

    HOA meeting tonight. Nothing spectacular on the agenda for it, though. In fact it is quite a bit shorter than last month so maybe I’ll get home before 9:00 this time. (We start at 5:30) We’re short a board member, so it’s important for all of us to be there so we have a quorum. My current assignment is to find paint colors, and I think I’ve finally managed to do so. Wish me luck.

    It’s another “warm” day (according to the TV weather girl) today. The forecast is for 99 which probably means about 102 on our patio. We made it to 103 yesterday and it’s already 100 out there at the moment.

    Everyone have a safe and blessed day.

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