Benitin y Eneas by Pierre S. De Beaumont and Bud Fisher for June 29, 2022

  1. Rick
    davidf42  5 months ago

    Morning, Village!

    73 degrees at 6:30 AM.

    I have now indexed more than 1,000 families in the 1950 census!

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  2. 78624140 2666038083444891 3808223114815340544 n
    Dkram  5 months ago

    Good morning Vagabonds

    Sunny morning going on here with a starting temp of 49. The forecast calls for a high of 78 with afternoon rain.

    I guess I’ll make the best of it while the sun shines, and the rain will keep the plants growing. (^.^)

    May God bless your day and keep you happy and healthy.


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  3. 150606 petunias 003
    MontanaLady  5 months ago

    only got up to 89 yesterday. much cooler today with only 81 scheduled.

    we had a HORRIFIC t-storm yesterday. it started at 3-ish, and was intermittent until 8!! there were sooooo many strikes really close and extremely LOUD! i followed the lightening tracker and was surprised at how close they were. the hail and the heavy rain tore apart our deck flowers. this was the loudest and strongest i’ve ever seen!


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  4. Big bird cage 2a
    Jan C  5 months ago

    Good morning, Vagabonds.

    I am enjoying our morning walks. We left at about 6:30 to beat the heat and it was still almost 90. I have ordered a step counter from Amazon, a simple one that does only the step counting (some keep track of your pulse rate, blood pressure, etc.) and was still an “Amazon’s Choice”. They even had a $3 off coupon attached so I got it cheap. It will be delivered here today.

    I still haven’t finished the first shirt. I forgot how much I hate doing set-in sleeves! Today is a free afternoon in which to “git ’er done”. Then all I have to do is the second one. Someday I’ll explain why I’m making them in the first place.

    I took Michael to his neurologist today for a “new patient” visit. He’s now scheduled for a couple of tests next month, for one of which he was told to wear shorts. Weird. As for my own upcoming stuff, I have to wait for approval from the insurance and then get them scheduled. The way things work around here, we’re probably looking at the end of the year to get it all done.

    My weather prediction yesterday was spot-on. 110 on the patio. Today’s forecast is for 109 which probably means 112. The weather app says it’s only 95, but my patio thermometer says 103.

    Everyone have a safe and blessed day.

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  5. Photo0062a
    chris.smith618  5 months ago

    Good evening, Vagabonds.

    Busy day! Made my weekly trip to Walmart first thing this morning. Food prices keep going up. The only bright spot is that the price of eggs has dropped almost .90. I did manage to get everything put away, get my laundry done and fix dinner for the family. After they left I sat down to watch the news, but took an unexpected nap instead. To much for one day.

    Weather wise, the day started out at 61 and warmed up to 90. Overall it was not an unpleasant day.

    Everyone have a peaceful evening.

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