Benitin y Eneas by Pierre S. De Beaumont and Bud Fisher for April 01, 2023

  1. 911
    Dkram  6 months ago

    Great day Vagabonds

    It’s a fine wet morning around here, at rise time the temperature was 33. The forecast says by the afternoon it should be partly cloudy, high of 58. Whew, it’s getting hot.

    We must be getting what Chris had. I remember one afternoon when we got out from work at the shop, talk about a downpour, we couldn’t even see the end of the parking lot entrance. We really wanted to get out of there. Well it finally gave up and we went home.

    I’m beginning to be able see the ridge on the other side of the valley, it’s letting up, maybe by the time I go for the mail I won’t drown.

    Have a great day Vagabonds may the Lord go with you in your day to come.


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  2. Lincoln and jan cropped
    JanLC  6 months ago

    Good morning, Vagabonds.

    Another day of blue skies and sunshine. We’re getting a lot closer to the average today with an expected high of 73. Tomorrow the forecast is for 77 but by Monday we drop 20 degrees, but still with sunny skies.

    When I started typing this, there was a jet overhead leaving a contrail. There must be terrific winds up there because the trail is already completely gone in less than 2 minutes.

    We went out to dinner for our usual date night to the Texas Roadhouse BBQ place. Great food and reasonable prices. Michael says his chicken was the best he’s had. He’s been on the hunt for a place to get good fried chicken without much luck.

    One thing I liked was their potato skins. They are nice and crispy without a whole lot of potato still attached. Add cheese and bacon and yum!

    I finished up the squares yesterday and am now in the process of attempting to connect them together. This step is a whole lot easier and less time consuming than the crocheting. I might even get it done before I leave on Wednesday evening.

    I think I need to make a list of what I need to pack. I keep thinking of little things I’ll need for 5 days that I probably won’t remember when I get around to actually packing. Like a charger for my phone and/or Kindle.

    Everyone have a blessed day.

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  3. 911
    Dkram  6 months ago

    Well hello there Vagabonds

    Wake up temperature was 19 degrees and there’s plenty sunshine out there. Some clouds and a high of 30. Certainly can live with that.

    It’s Palm Sunday, wave your palms.

    Have a wonerful day and may God bless.


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  4. Lincoln and jan cropped
    JanLC  6 months ago

    Good morning, Vagabonds.

    Today is the remembrance of the Triumphal Entry. My pastor once said that the reason that there were so many people witnessing Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem is that they knew the exact day that Daniel had predicted the event and were waiting for Messiah to show up on a lowly donkey. They got their wish, even though the Pharisees and religious leaders did not accept it. (Can you imagine! A Pharisee being alive for the exact day of Daniel’s prophecy and standing outside the walls waiting for Messiah and he turns out to be the one man you really don’t want it to be. Too bad for them. Wonderful for us.)

    The forecast is still for 77 today and we’re actually 1 degree above the 30-year average. That’s a first for a long time and the last for another couple of weeks at least. Tomorrow is only supposed to be 60.

    I’m off to church and then a couple of errands this morning. Then I’ll get back to putting Michael’s afghan together. I got quite a bit done yesterday. It’ll be maybe 2 more days worth of work if I keep at it. That is if I don’t find another square that I messed up and need to redo like I did yesterday. And of course, I discovered it after it was already attached to two other squares…

    Everyone have a blessed Sunday.

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  5. Photo0062a
    chris.smith618  6 months ago

    Good evening, Vagabonds.

    It was a beautiful day today! The starting temperature was 46 and our high was 76. The skies were blue the wind an easy breeze and I opened my patio doors for over three hours. It felt great. And tomorrow is supposed to be even better.

    Tomorrow is my youngest daughter’s 37 birthday. The thought makes me feel old. But that will pass in a few days. ;). I will be grilling her favorite tomorrow, hamburgers. She surprised me on this as she has always wanted tacos for her birthday.

    Church was good as well. Mike put together a wonderful song service by combining choruses from some great old hymns. And the sermon was pretty good as well.

    May you all enjoy a peace filled evening.

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