MythTickle by Justin Thompson for November 03, 2014

  1. 71  3d
    KZ71  over 8 years ago



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  2. Cat in lime helmet
    sappha58  over 8 years ago

    I was expecting a big sneeze! Isn’t Boody allergic?

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  3. Missing large
    Observer fo Irony  over 8 years ago

    The people are to busy arguing where to put the high pollinating flowers in the park.

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  4. Family
    Weakstream   over 8 years ago

    Add some bluebonnets and Indian paint brush. and me

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  5. Strega
    P51Strega  over 8 years ago

    Look closer under the flowers; the politics of nature as ant colonies go to war.

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  6. Missing large
    overtherainbow  over 8 years ago

    Wow! Beautiful art!

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  7. Thinker
    Sisyphos  over 8 years ago

    Boody, plus who else? Karma and Sir Dudley? If so, this scene of Flower Power is two-thirds believable….

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  8. Missing large
    jnnydnti  over 8 years ago

    If you ignore politics, your rights will [continue to] go away . . . and you will have nobody to blame but yourself.

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  9. Gidney
    sperry532  over 8 years ago

    @Sisyphos, Boody and Karma. You can see that bit of her hair that pops up above her widow’s peak peeking over the blooms.

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  10. Carabao 1  751647
    whitecarabao  over 8 years ago

    Gorgeous art, Justin, and I endorse your message.

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  11. Carabao 1  751647
    whitecarabao  over 8 years ago

    Boody, DON’T SNEEZE!

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  12. Snoopy pensive typewriter
    The Life I Draw Upon  over 8 years ago

    Politics are there. It’s what the flowers are growing in, or I should say growing well in. Must keep them fertilized.

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