MythTickle by Justin Thompson for September 23, 2022

  1. Ufo not
    mr_sherman Premium Member 6 months ago

    I’ll believe that when I read a pun.

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  2. Video snapshot
    Baslim the Beggar Premium Member 6 months ago

    LOL! Channeling Vaughn Bodé today, El Jefé?

    In ancient times, people who were sick were described as having ill humors … clearly that is what killed the Minotaur… (or so those who consider puns to be ill humor would say)

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  3. Toilet4
    dave1960  6 months ago

    Looks like he has had a brush with death! Not to mention a brush with Mars….

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  4. Bleach 170
    KenseidenXL Premium Member 6 months ago

    Talk about casting pearls before swine….

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  5. Grelber1
    tony_n_jen2003  6 months ago

    Someone he ate disagreed with him

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  6. Missing large
    LOLBeth  6 months ago

    Pastis, huh?

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  7. Missing large
    legaleagle48  6 months ago

    It’s a good thing that Stephan Pastis has a (warped) sense of humor!

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  8. Eddievibrate
    bryan42  6 months ago

    I don’t read Pearls Before Swine, are we seeing the beginnings of a ’toon war betwixt Pastis and El Jeffe???

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  9. Naruto gifs 2
    NWdryad  6 months ago

    So, I’m guessing today’s Pearls Before Swine will be a rerun.

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  10. Missing large
    Rich Douglas  6 months ago

    Chuck Jones and Vaughn Bode called from heaven to say, “Knock it off.”

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  11. Fox spirit animal 3
    eddi_tbh  6 months ago

    How sad. Only Rat is smiling. Until he realizes he’s lost the only gig he could work in comics.

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  12. Fox spirit animal 3
    eddi_tbh  6 months ago

    I just remembered who the last person was who got paraded around on that platform stuffed. Cheech Wizard’s useless assistant.

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  13. Thinker
    Sisyphos  6 months ago

    Cast not your Pearls Before Swine, ’cause Cartoon-Boy is the Master Punster!

    Captain Pastis will come out in the end….

    The Captain:

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  14. Donald duck2
    gmu328  6 months ago

    oh no! who’s going to draw Pearls Before Swine now?

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  15. Face resize
    donut reply  6 months ago

    Funny how the Minotaur looks like a combination of Steve Pastis characters.

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