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The Story
Emmie's world might sound familiar. It's a place where hopes and dreams constantly collide with the ups and downs of daily life, from job interviews (scary!!) to routine chores like groceries and laundry. Except Emmie is a robot - a sheep-loving android who is bad at math and worried about nonexistence. Even the ordinary is an adventure!

The Cast
Emmie (M-E3): Our autonomously-learning mathematically-challenged protagonist.
XIÀ: Kansa's central administration system. Emmie calls her Boss. She likes cat videos.
Fara: The face of Fair Day guest services. Service with a smile!
Ranran: Emmie’s beloved stuffed sheep. 
Mrs. G: A lively old lady who loves her gaming.
The Jīn-Lán family: George, Hana, and their two daughters Wren and her baby sister.
Susan: A young woman who works at the NUWA Research Institute. She seems stern, but is really quite tender-hearted. 
Mister Bug: A surveillance drone at NUWA. He flies a little loopy. Frequently plays games with Emmie.
Susan’s coworkers: Adam and others. A diverse group of researchers at NUWA.
The Laundrybots (Ibao, Erbao, Sanbao, Sibao, and Wubao): TV-loving denizens of the 24/7 Kansa laundromat.
Morio (M-04): An M-series model like Emmie. There’s something mysterious about him…???
Miss Princess Turtle: A beautiful princess who is a turtle.
Morio’s coworkers: Felipe and others. A tight-knit, friendly, passionate group of construction workers. They don’t seem to know the full story about Morio.
Gladiatorbots: Lots of super cool gladiatorbots who appear on TV and have their own trading cards and everything.

About Maiji/Mary Huang

Maiji/Mary Huang is a happy little squirrel and also a Taiwanese-Canadian artist and writer based out of Toronto. Her work incorporates themes of Eastern philosophy and mythology and everyday human experiences. See more at humangray.com. 

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