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Sarah and Stef started dating long distance back in 2011, and shortly after, Sarah started making some scrappy black and white comics about their relationship. Over the next few years, they moved in together, and started going to comic shows around the UK, where Sarah started selling small collections of the black and white comic strips! In 2013, Sarah started making the comics in full colour, and in 2015 decided to run a Kickstarter campaign to collect 200 full colour comics into a nice chunky hardcover book. The Kickstarter went super well, even becoming one of the UK's top 10 most backed and most funded comics Kickstarter projects as of that year!

Sarah continued to post Our Super Adventure comics alongside her other comics work, including writing and drawing a five-issue official Rick and Morty mini-series "Lil' Poopy Superstar", and creating an original comic series, Kim Reaper, for publisher Oni Press. Stef started to work with Sarah in 2017, taking on lettering and colour assistant duties.

In 2018, they ran a second Kickstarter for Our Super Adventure Volume 2: Video Games and Pizza Parties! A second collection of 200 comics. This one did even better than the first, and again found itself in the UK's top 10 most backed and most funded comics Kickstarter projects to date. They also started to work with Oni Press on a wider retail release for the first two Our Super Adventure books, with both books hitting shelves as of 2019!

Currently, Sarah and Stef are still making Our Super Adventure strips weekly, as well as working on other comic projects, running an online store, and making appearances at comic conventions in the UK and the US when they can!


Sarah was nominated for the Emerging Talent award at the 2015 British Comic Awards for her comics Our Super Adventure, Pizza Witch and RentQuest.

She was also nominated for Licensed Comic of the Year and Best New Comic Book Series in the Diamond Gem Awards 2016 for Rick and Morty: Lil' Poopy Superstar.

Creator Bio

Sarah Graley is a cartoonist from the UK! As well as Our Super Adventure, Sarah is the creator of Kim Reaper (Oni Press) and Glitch (Scholastic Graphix), and she's also worked on comics for Minecraft, Rick and Morty and Invader Zim! She's currently working on a new book called Donut The Destroyer with Stef for Scholastic Graphix.

Stef Purenins is a comic writer, letterer and colour assistant from the UK! He's been working on comics with Sarah for the last three years. He's currently co-writing Donut The Destroyer with Sarah!

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