Pat Oliphant for April 28, 2011

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    pcolli  over 12 years ago

    Weddings happen every day. I don’t watch those either.

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  2. Img 1055 1
    halfabug  over 12 years ago

    At least we have more than one TV in the house.

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  3. John adams1
    Motivemagus  over 12 years ago

    Of course, Oliphant was born in the British Commonwealth (Adelaide, Australia) and has since become an American citizen, so I can imagine his feelings on this…

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  4. Amnesia
    Simon_Jester  over 12 years ago

    No thanks, I have to go watch some paint dry.

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  5. 1107121618000
    CorosiveFrog Premium Member over 12 years ago

    Don’t think all girls daydream about that! I don’t.

    No offense Willy, but you’ll be England’s king, not Canada’s.

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  6. Avatar
    Mythreesons  over 12 years ago

    I have BBC programmed to start at 2am. I’ll catch up when I get up.

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  7. Daffy duck
    walkingmancomics  over 12 years ago

    “at zero dark thirty” – great phrase

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  8. Jollyroger
    pirate227  over 12 years ago

    His likeness will still be on your currency, Froggie, and he’ll be your head of state one day.

    Vive la révolution!

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  9. Cathy aack Premium Member over 12 years ago

    The last time I got up at 5:00 am to watch the “future king and queen of England” get married the couple ended up divorced and the bride ended up dead. I think I’ll sleep thru this one.

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  10. Missing large
    wolfhoundblues1  over 12 years ago

    Get a life

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  11. Jock
    Godfreydaniel  over 12 years ago

    I cannot stand royal weddings Nor even royal divorces And queens and princes, to my mind Are farces, all these forces

    Most bitter-tasting type of tea Is royalty (Nobility Is slightly less regrettable Although it’s quite inedible They give a lad the belly-ache With all their smug, “Let them eat cake!”)

    Therefore I’ll be a cur and cad And NOT say “Will, you lucky lad!” Nor “Kate, you’re lovely in your finery And welcome to the royal family”

    In fact my very fervent wish Is for the British to abolish Their obsolescent monarchy Toss it in the Thames or sea! And on that happy day we’ll see Them join the 18th century

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  12. Hunkbun
    Josephus79  over 12 years ago

    My sentiments exactly.

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  13. Warcriminal
    WarBush  over 12 years ago

    I’m with Wolfie.

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  14. 1107121618000
    CorosiveFrog Premium Member over 12 years ago

    pirate, even most of english canadians (a pretty small minority, though) are against keeping the monarchy as of 2010

    IMHO, and I think this is what will happen if queen Elizabeth dies while the NDP or the Liberals are in power, there should be a Canada-wide referendum on the monarchy before Charles or William’s coronation.

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  15. Missing large
    dannysixpack  over 12 years ago

    i love state funerals

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  16. Androidify 1453615949677
    Jason Allen  over 12 years ago

    “i love state funerals”

    With the way way the paparazzi go at it, I’m sure you’ll be watching Kate’s before long.

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  17. Missing large
    vwdualnomand  over 12 years ago

    from friday early morning till now, people are going crazy about 2 rich kids getting married. a millionaire’s daughter to a taypayer funded billionaire’s son.

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  18. Hawaii5 0girl
    treered  over 12 years ago

    Oh Dark 30, time for PT!

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