Peanuts by Charles Schulz for February 18, 1974

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    MrJamie1062  almost 11 years ago

    I think there’s an OBVIOUS easy message to get here, Lucy—Schroeder wants NOTHING to do with you, so you might as well stop hoping that he’ll ever send you a valentine, no matter HOW FAR into the future, it’ll be. Yes, Schulz did show us some FINE examples, of UNREQUITED LOVE, all right—in fact, he even admitted this, in the book entitled “Peauts, A Golden Celebration,” which was published in 2000, for the strip’s 50th anniversary. He said,“I seem to be obsessed with unrequited love, if not fascinated by it—-for example, while Sally loves Linus, Linus wants nothing to do with her, (and again, same difference with Lucy and Schroeder, respectively), and as for Charlie Brown, while HE loves the little red-haired girl, in his case, he can’t even bring himself to go near her,”(lest he’ll make her, and himself, the LAUGHINSTOCK, of the whole Peanuts gang.) Peanuts was indeed, a great “educational” strip, in some ways, as well as entertaining.

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  2. Wallpaper
    Midnite Wine  about 1 year ago

    Hope springs eternal…….

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