Peanuts by Charles Schulz for June 25, 2022

  1. Mbsils
    marilynnbyerly  3 months ago

    Joe may not be the best role model for Charlie Brown, but he certainly is a soul mate.

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  2. 8d4e8ad6 4494 4665 8009 edd51c3035f8
    Храм С.О.Д. (Templo S.U.D. ucraniano)  3 months ago

    dreadful, isn’t it?

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  3. Figaro 1
    Wilde Bill  3 months ago

    Nobody likes to see their heroes deflated.

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  4. Zooey girl
    ronaldspence  3 months ago

    exactly who CB would have for a hero!

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  5. Question 63916 960 720
    knutdl  3 months ago

    “You’re fired " (D. Trump)

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  6. Fb img 1516982044221
    jagedlo  3 months ago

    “But I caught a baseball during the game…and survived all those people who wanted to beat me up for it!”

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  7. Screenshot 20200808 100228 facebook
    one8romeo  3 months ago

    Bat boy could be Peppermint Patty’s long lost brother!

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  8. Snoopy
    Darryl Heine  3 months ago

    Why would they fire Joe S.?

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  9. Missing large
    cdillon85  3 months ago

    A pity Baseball for Idiots had yet to be penned when Mr. Shlabotnik was around.

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  10. Missing large
    guenette.charlie  3 months ago

    Tony LaRussa reads this strip and says: “HA! You see? Even I’m not THAT stupid!”

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  11. Magnet m
    Ellis97  3 months ago

    Never meet your idols.

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  12. Missing large
    dflak  3 months ago

    There was a time when the Dodgers were in it based entirely on their pitching. The team batting average was at the bottom of the league.

    The joke was that a Dodger rally was an error, a stolen base, a bunt and a sacrifice fly.

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  13. Greg backlit
    mindjob  3 months ago

    I once went to a SF Seals hockey game with my dad. There was a slap shot, and the puck sailed up into the stands. It struck an older woman in the shoulder about 3 rows in front of me, bounced off and fell right into my lap. I was so excited, I kept it. It didn’t dawn on me to give it to the woman until later. This is one reason I’m going to hell.

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  14. Missing large
    tcanton125  3 months ago

    Will Charlie Brown ever get to meet his hero?

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  15. Missing large
    preacherman  3 months ago

    I happened to like this toon but was amazed that my one vote was worth 4. With a total of 80 and 4 points for each there were only 21 who liked this toon, counting myself.

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  16. Missing large
    this is summerdog  3 months ago

    I thought you had to pay sport figures for their autographs?

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  17. Wizanim
    ChessPirate  3 months ago

    ♪♫ "Who can call a squeeze play, with no-one on a base?

    Follow it with yelling and a dirty scuff or two?

    That Shlabotnik man can…" ♪♫

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  18. Triscele
    txmystic  3 months ago

    Hey Kid! Get Lost!


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  19. Missing large
    stamps  3 months ago

    Who would call for a squeeze play? Mr. Whipple!

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  20. Neo stryder avatar
    Neo Stryder  3 months ago

    Well Chuck, that’s your hero… that explains your baseball performance.

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  21. Missing large
    goboboyd  3 months ago

    Peppermint Patrick. Patties brother, or cousin? Naw, he’d need cleats on his sandals.

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  22. Bob 65
    rawalko  3 months ago

    Hate to admit, but this gag is too “inside baseball” for me.

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  23. Death from above reduced size
    donwestonmysteries  3 months ago


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  24. Sixshotprofile
    Decepticomic  3 months ago

    Man, that bat boy needs to become the manager of CB’s team. I’d love to see him chew Chuck out after blowing a pitch for the millionth time.

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  25. Mikes face  thanks peet
    Back to Big Mike  3 months ago


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  26. Images
    MT Wallet   3 months ago

    Charlie Brown was interviewed on NPR this morning. He is a physician who may lose his freedom to practice his specialty, depending on what state he is in.

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  27. Missing large
    josh_bisbee  3 months ago

    For those unfamiliar with baseball, a squeeze play is where you bunt the ball with a runner on third, with the hope of bringing him to home and scoring a run.

    What happens to the batter is irrelevant, so best to do it when you don’t have two outs.

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  28. Loudly crying face 1f62d
    I'm Sad  3 months ago

    This is a funny baseball card of Joe Shlabotnik –

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  29. Hellcat
    knight1192a  3 months ago

    Yep, says a lot about the home team that they HIRED him as manager in the first place. Guess someone bought the team during the game, hoping to make it a not so terrible team in the future.

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  30. Profile pic
    The Orange Mailman  3 months ago

    I’m starting to understand why Charlie Brown looks up to him.

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  31. Red skelton
    Daltongang Premium Member 3 months ago

    Who else would signal for a squeeze play with nobody on base you ask? Buddy Bell, that’s who.

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  32. Missing large  3 months ago

    Fire that bat boy for eating all the hot dogs when no one was looking.

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