Peanuts by Charles Schulz for September 08, 2022

  1. Mbsils
    marilynnbyerly  5 months ago

    And he did it without lips. That’s pretty dang impressive.

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  2. B986e866 14d0 4607 bdb4 5d76d7b56ddb
    Templo S.U.D.  5 months ago

    Woodstock, you show-off.

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  3. Axel crop doctored
    MichaelAxelFleming  5 months ago

    He’d fit inside his own bubble.

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  4. Zooey girl
    ronaldspence  5 months ago

    Don’t let it pop on you Woodstock, you will be covered in gum!

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  5. Cyan
    monkeysky  5 months ago

    An extra-impressive feat for a creature without lips

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  6. Magnet m
    Ellis97  5 months ago

    The best part of losing is that you get to keep on trying and learning.

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  7. Snoopy
    Darryl Heine  5 months ago

    Bubble gum challenge.

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  8. Fb img 1516982044221
    jagedlo  5 months ago

    I’m surprised that Woodstock could blow a bubble so big and not be carried off by it!

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  9. Missing large
    gantech  5 months ago

    I knew a young lady in college who was ultra competitive and always had to win. She was a friend, but could never be more than that, because I found her competitive streak just got on my nerves.

    She was a math major, and she knew that I struggled with math, which just made this occurrence even funnier (at least, I thought it was!). Somehow or other we got on the subject of Boolean algebra (don’t ask me how, we just did). She swore up and down that though it was interesting as a mental exercise, it was purely theoretical and had no practical application. She was totally adamant on this point. By sheer coincidence, I happened to have my textbook from my digital electronics class with me. I popped it open and showed her the Boolean truth tables I was using to construct a 3-stage binary counter.

    She was so pi$$ed at me, she wouldn’t talk to me for a week!

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  10. Missing large
    raybarb44  5 months ago

    It should be the joy of just doing it….

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  11. Fb img 1643219646846
    rmcarignan  5 months ago

    I am just surprised he didn’t float away

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  12. Missing large
    John Jorgensen  5 months ago

    Yeah, I agree. I’ve got a friend who’s like that. Sometimes I wonder why I put up with him.

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  13. Missing large
    preacherman  5 months ago

    Why is Snoopy even competing with a bird. Woodstock is in a whole different league. As to Snoop feeling Woody is just too competitive, had Snoop blown the bigger bubble, he would’ve have basked in the glory of the win.

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  14. Sixshotprofile
    Decepticomic  5 months ago

    So do I, loser.

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  15. Missing large  5 months ago

    Harpo Marx had a routine where he’d play “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” on the saxaphone,and real bubbles would come out of the instrument.

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  16. Missing large
    goboboyd  5 months ago

    Beak Bubbles are hard to beat.

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  17. Missing large
    jbruins84341  5 months ago

    Yeah, but Linus blows square bubbles!

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  18. Loving pusser og jeg
    tammyspeakslife Premium Member 5 months ago

    Like the guy who said it wasn’t fair that I was winning Bible trivia because I knew the answers. LOL

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  19. Hellcat
    knight1192a  5 months ago

    Think I wasn my thirties before I was able to blow my first bubble, maybe my forties. I was never able to thin out the gum right when I tried before then.

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  20. C6fab48c fd5d 4004 a287 ea96a07e43a3
    Train 1911  5 months ago


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  21. Missing large
    Realimaginary1 Premium Member 5 months ago

    It takes one to know one!

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  22. Images
    hagarthehorrible  5 months ago

    I smell something burning, Snoopy.

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