Peanuts by Charles Schulz for November 30, 2023

  1. Dragon
    Asharah  5 months ago

    Linus! Tsk, tsk!

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  2. Vote 4 nobody button
    Mr Nobody  5 months ago

    I resemble that remark!

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  3. Rays
    TampaFanatic1  5 months ago

    I remember when I was around 10 (about the time this strip came out), I thought 63 was ancient as well. Heck, I thought anyone over 35 was really old. Strange how time can change one’s perspective. Of course, back then summers lasted forever (what happened?!?) and now the seasons (and years) go by in a blink of an eye.

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  4. 16914740417144785387296898810443
    jasonsnakelover  5 months ago

    One time I was 64 years old altogether.

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  5. Babysteps2
    mccollunsky  5 months ago

    Wow Linus that’s brutal

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  6. Missing large
    cracker65  5 months ago

    Time keeps flowing like a river to the sea. Allen Parsons project.

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  7. L we
    Baba27  5 months ago

    According to that tale you’re actually your own age until you’re 30, the number of years allotted to humans. All the years after that are the ones the donkey, the camel, the dog and the monkey didn’t want.

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  8. Myfreckledface
    VegaAlopex  5 months ago

    How does Linus know how old his grandfather is? Usually the adults don’t tell, unless the year of birth is on a burial plot.

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  9. Missing large
    eced52  5 months ago

    Wow! Linus’ grandfather’s ears must be burning.

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  10. Foolishhandsomebarracuda max 1mb
    Frog-on-a-Log Premium Member 5 months ago


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  11. 2006 afl collingwood
    nosirrom  5 months ago

    To quote Jack Weinberg: Don’t trust anyone over 30.

    Boy, it’s been a long time since I trusted myself.

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  12. Screenshot 163
    Cminuscomics&stories Premium Member 5 months ago

    I asked a kid what she was majoring in. I was not sure if it was high school or college. It turns out she is my grandchild’s kindergarten teacher. Everyone who is not old seems like a kid to me.

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  13. Missing large
    preacherman  5 months ago

    At first I thought that the little guy was somehow putting down his grandfather. But, then I realized that he was exalting his grand who was once only a mere human.

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  14. U badge 2 furbabies
    nancyb creator 5 months ago

    Linus also once asked “1819! Were there PEOPLE, then?” At age 8, 63 looks OLD, and in 1978, it was. People often died in their late fifties—we knew several. We have better medical care for heart and cancer diseases now.

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  15. Photo
    dcdete.  5 months ago

    I suppose Linus never liked hearing the old Beatles’ song, “Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me – When I’m Sixty-four?”

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  16. B3b2b771 4dd5 4067 bfef 5ade241cb8c2
    cdward  5 months ago

    Used to work with elementary school kids and came to realize they had three age groups: kid, teenager, and old.

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  17. B3b2b771 4dd5 4067 bfef 5ade241cb8c2
    cdward  5 months ago

    At some point, I started seeing my age in terms of hockey. O-30 was the first period, 31-60 was the second period, and 61-90 … oh geez, I’m in the third period! (But I’m not in overtime, so there’s that).

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  18. Img 20230511 134023590 portrait 5
    markkahler52  5 months ago

    Someday you’ll be singing, “He’s Gone”

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  19. Missing large
    dflak  5 months ago

    If you want to feel old, look back. If you want to feel alive, look forward.

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  20. Missing large
    Popcorn king  5 months ago

    He once was a human, but NOW he’s a god!

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  21. Celtic tree of life
    mourdac Premium Member 5 months ago

    60 is the new …nah, it’s still old.

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  22. Ellis archer profile
    Ellis97  5 months ago

    My grandad lived to be 75, at least I think he did.

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  23. Missing large
    dflak  5 months ago

    Let’s see, when I was born, Truman was president (he was in the beginning of his second term), gasoline was 26 cents a gallon (17 cents in some areas), a new car cost about $450, those who had TVs watched “The Life of Riley” and “The Lone Ranger,” Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Abbott and Costello were the biggest names in Hollywood, the New York Yankees won the World Series over the Brooklyn Dodgers (8 teams in each league), you could send a letter for 3 cents …

    Those were the good old days or were they?

    We also had separate but equal schools, poll taxes and literacy tests, segregated lunch counters and bus terminals, no women in the workforce (once they got married, they were expected to stop sitting on the boss’ lap and quit so as to have babies and take care of the “head of household.”), polio, smallpox, Mao Tse Tung took over China, The Soviet Union got the bomb …

    Think about this when you pine for the “Good Old Days.”

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  24. Sixshotprofile
    Decepticomic  5 months ago

    Especially if he’s a republican. Badum-tsh.

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  25. Kay 053021
    kaycstamper  5 months ago

    When do we stop being human beings?!

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  26. 1959 chevy elcamino
    F-Flash  5 months ago

    I told my mom at her 80th Bday, that you’re really not old until you turn 90.

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  27. Eb48c923 d2d9 4aac 8790 234558a333a4
    rodneyrhodes  5 months ago

    Same for me … in fifth grade (1975), our math teacher asked us to calculate how old we’d be 2000. At the time, 10-year-old me couldn’t fathom that I’d ever actually be 35!

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  28. 250
    ladykat  5 months ago

    I’m 69 and I’m still human!

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  29. Missing large
    Patsi Maroney Premium Member 5 months ago

    “Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m…”

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  30. Img 20190428 152052 hdr kindlephoto 2072758
    SusieB  5 months ago

    As a 63 year old, I resemble that remark

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  31. Dr who weeping angel  1
    Blaidd Drwg Premium Member 5 months ago

    Almost exactly as old as Peanuts, minus 1 day.

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  32. Missing large
    uniquename  5 months ago

    It happens to be my 63rd birthday today. I don’t have any grandchildren though. At least, not yet. Does that mean I’m still human?

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  33. Rugeirn
    rugeirn  5 months ago

    At 22, when this strip first appeared, I would have thought it was really funny. Now, I just think it’s hilarious — with a much better basis for the opinion!

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  34. Missing large
    walt1968pat Premium Member 5 months ago

    63? He’s just a kid.

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  35. Large oliy hare
    PaulAbbott2  5 months ago

    A mere three years older than me. Thanks, Linus

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  36. Flamingpaperhat2
    Black4dder  5 months ago

    It’s weird being the same age as old people.

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  37. Fb img 1516982044221
    jagedlo  5 months ago

    April 11, 2029…if I’m still around then…

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  38. Missing large
    [Unnamed Reader - 14b4ce]  5 months ago

    How old is Snoopy in dog years?

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  39. Missing large
    geese28  5 months ago

    63 use to be like going to NY to CA on foot. Now it’s towards the end of your block

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  40. Win 20201204 12 32 23 pro
    oakie817  5 months ago

    i was 63 once…long long ago in a land far far away

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  41. Noh8 tw
    socalvillaguy Premium Member 5 months ago

    I’m 64, and I don’t know how I feel being old enough to be Linus’ grandpa since I’ve been reading this strip since childhood.

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  42. Sunrise
    Save Linus  5 months ago

    This is rather unusual for Linus because of his wisdom. He is still one of my favorites, though!

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  43. Hat 2
    Paul D Premium Member 5 months ago

    Long, long ago (63 plus a decade) and in a galaxy far, far away (born in CA, now in FL) a lad first saw the light of day . . .

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  44. Greg backlit
    mindjob  5 months ago

    He must think that at 63 we morph from being humans to walking corpses, or extras for a zombie movie

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  45. Missing large
    stamps  5 months ago

    That’s the age I first became a grandfather.

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  46. Missing large
    Investtillitsgone  5 months ago

    You are not getting “old”. You are getting “older”, as is everybody, even the kids!

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  47. 20160720 184148 1
    Ammo is on a break Premium Member 5 months ago

    As a 63 year old, I think Linus was oddly specific on that number. Imagine his opinion on a 81 year old POTUS running for another term.

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  48. Kea
    KEA  5 months ago

    what does that make me? …a fossil I guess

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  49. Ott logo
    Old Time Tales Premium Member 5 months ago

    I always say that the first 60 years were awesome, I can’t wait to how the second 60 go.

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  50. 0418141806 00
    Martin 78  5 months ago

    Now that I’m ‘up-there’ myself, I’ll see that someone I knew passed at 65 or 70, and I think, " Dang, they were young!"

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  51. Missing large
    raybarb44  5 months ago

    What is 73 then?……

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  52. Missing large
    LivelyClamor  5 months ago

    13-year-old appearing in juvenile court for vandalizing an elderly neighbor’s porch. Judge “Did you know he was elderly” Kid: ’yeaaahhh" Judge “well how old did you think he was?” Kid: “REALLY old, um, like, 40”

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  53. Missing large
    awcoffman  5 months ago

    How did all the people who used to be the same age as me get to be so old?

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  54. Amazing fox photos 25
    eddi-TBH  5 months ago

    Hey now, Linus!

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  55. Missing large
    Otis Rufus Driftwood  5 months ago

    Until our dad died last year at 74 years old, my youngest brother loved to joke about him being older than dirt and riding dinosaurs.

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  56. Zh7uxue
    GreggW Premium Member about 15 hours ago

    63 is younger than it used to be.

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