Peanuts by Charles Schulz for May 20, 2024

  1. Prop make believe
    Picccaaaaso  2 months ago

    or else…

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  2. Missing large
    oldthang  2 months ago

    She’s such a lovely girl…

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  3. Blu
    Blu Bunny  2 months ago

    3rd panel Molly to Snoopy, and wipe that silly grin off your face!

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  4. Babysteps2
    mccollunsky  2 months ago

    Well I’m encouraged. Encouraged means scared right?

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  5. Wolf
    Mediatech  2 months ago

    It’s only a game, Snoopy. A game that your life depends on winning.

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  6. Earth sea temps
    Uncle Kenny  2 months ago

    With luck, it will be Molly who does something stupid.

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  7. Question 63916 960 720
    knutdl  2 months ago

    Now Snoopy is encouraged.

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  8. 20071112 einstein
    hariseldon59  2 months ago

    He already did something stupid. He let himself partner with her.

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  9. Ellis archer profile
    Ellis97  2 months ago

    If that’s encouraging, I’d hate to see what discouraging sounds like.

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  10. Photo
    dcdete.  2 months ago

    If I may ask something stupid, in the last two panels, why is the blue sky the color of green grass?

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  11. Th 9
    Count Olaf Premium Member 2 months ago

    Tied? The Count through for sure Molly Volley would have completely swept the… the… whatever in the H E Double you call it.

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  12. A0aa4143 088c 4296 85af e0065b6a9fee
    mrwiskers  2 months ago

    Ah, the loe’time tested means of motivation by negativity.

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  13. Missing large
    Chris  2 months ago

    sounds great, what about advice for Snoopy. :D

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  14. Kea favorite portrait
    KEA  2 months ago

    Wow. She should make motivational posters

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  15. Effenbee boy 2
    sobrown51  2 months ago

    Don’t worry. Snoop’s got dogged determination.

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  16. 250
    ladykat  2 months ago

    Really, kid?

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  17. Screenshot 2021 03 16 chinook
    bwswolf  2 months ago

    Just stay out of her way ……. Snoopy ……. you should be pretty safe then …………………. well almost ……. ;)

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  18. Image
    Tetonbil Premium Member 2 months ago

    The stupid thing was stepping onto the court with her.

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  19. Snoopy
    The Fly Hunter  2 months ago

    Sooooo encouraging…. :/

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  20. Sixshotprofile
    Decepticomic  2 months ago

    Victory is within reach.

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  21. Missing large
    MichiganMitten  2 months ago

    That’s about right.

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  22. Missing large
    raybarb44  2 months ago

    Got my attention….

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  23. Missing large
    fourteenpeeves  2 months ago

    Molly will look good compared to the NEXT “tennis kid” to come along.

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  24. Donbot
    del_grande Premium Member 2 months ago

    We’re about to get into another round of “how old is this strip, anyway”; they’re about to play a 9-point tiebreaker, where you didn’t have to win by 2 to win the set (so, in theory, you could win every service point you serve, and still lose the match).

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  25. Photo
    j.l.farmer  2 months ago

    That’s 4 words!

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  26. Missing large
    anncorr339  2 months ago

    Snoopy did not choose her who ever did the name drawing chose her for Snoopy

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  27. Missing large
    DEACON FRED  2 months ago


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  28. 1959 chevy elcamino
    F-Flash  2 months ago

    We’re so sorry Aunty Molly, but we really have to go.

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  29. Missing large
    gammaguy  2 months ago

    “Don’t do anything, Stupid!!!”

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