Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis for June 26, 2022

  1. Img 0910
    BE THIS GUY  3 months ago

    Stephan isn’t the only one.

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  2. Ding a ling
    BasilBruce  3 months ago

    Imagine all the readers sharing all the Pearls . . .

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  3. Bluedog
    Bilan  3 months ago

    C’mon people now, give Pearls a chance.

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  4. Cane immagine animata 0071
    Renatus Profuturus Frigeridus Premium Member 3 months ago

    Today Stephan killed Lennon for the second time.

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  5. Figaro 1
    Wilde Bill  3 months ago

    How do you sleep?

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  6. Img 3705
    Jesy Bertz Premium Member 3 months ago


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  7. Brain guy dancing hg clr
    Concretionist  3 months ago

    The best thing about this is that it’s been DAYS since the last one!

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  8. 20071112 einstein
    hariseldon59  3 months ago

    That sound you hear is John Lennon spinning in his grave .

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  9. Zooey girl
    ronaldspence  3 months ago

    You may say he’s a dreamer, but he’s not the only one…

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  10. 15835586090312677055625894975171
    Boxo croco is gonna change his profile  3 months ago

    Above us only whys

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  11. Gedc0251
    Charliegirl Premium Member 3 months ago

    G R O A N

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  12. Picture 1
    DamnHappyChappy  3 months ago

    You know they are coming, but I fail to see the puns most of the time.

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  13. Bugs bunny 4
    Georgette Washington Bunny  3 months ago

    Talk about tortured.

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  14. Photo
    Robin Harwood  3 months ago

    And he gets paid for this.

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  15. Albino turtle 2
    boydpercy Premium Member 3 months ago

    Looks like Pearls has corrupted Shoe!

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  16. Blunebottle
    blunebottle  3 months ago

    Ooo…Stephan pushed Rat too far this time.

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  17. Catsanddogsportrait
    DennisinSeattle Premium Member 3 months ago

    Groan, Groan, GROAN,

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  18. Missing large
    bobamiller Premium Member 3 months ago

    June 25 was Global Beatles Day:

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  19. Barnae in ranger
    TonysSon  3 months ago

    Heard feebly from under the desk: ♫ Help! I need somebody! ♪♪

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  20. 2020 04 15 1822 img 4033 keep your face covered  2
    efkasper  3 months ago


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  21. Missing large
    Brockie  3 months ago

    How much meth is this cartoonist on?

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  22. Grandbudapesthotel cr alamy
    Imagine  3 months ago


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  23. 6bb13e58 cb3c 48af a666 62de44194956
    Pgalden1 Premium Member 3 months ago

    Oh I do love you so…ROFLOL

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  24. Mrpeabodyboysherman
    iggyman  3 months ago

    Stephan must have stayed up all night to think this one up!

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  25. Missing large
    Bwingblue1  3 months ago

    LOL! Definitely one of his better strips!

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  26. Missing large
    tbarry718  3 months ago

    Man, I thought I had this one! I thought it was going to have something like “Come Evan or El” at the end.

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  27. Ignatz
    Ignatz Premium Member 3 months ago

    I just spent far too much time trying to think of something with “eleven” (El Evan) only to wind up with this.

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  28. B2z3 018
    dlkrueger33  3 months ago

    I didn’t guess this ahead of time. LOL

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  29. 1017207 10200214106421862 492754112 n
    Cameron1988 Premium Member 3 months ago

    Then we wouldn’t receive these awful puns

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  30. Scamp wnd
    John Blake Premium Member 3 months ago

    That took some winding up to get to.

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  31. Grog poop
    GROG Premium Member 3 months ago

    It’s easy if you try.

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  32. Toby pj kittens
    Justanolddude Premium Member 3 months ago

    If you took all the mimes from all the world and made them into a cat, the cat’s litter box would be more entertaining. Zero stars. Would not recommend.

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  33. Missing large
    Lotus  3 months ago

    This pun is Nowhere, Man.

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  34. Grelber1
    tony_n_jen2003  3 months ago

    I knew today would be a pun.

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  35. Missing large
    uniquename  3 months ago

    Stephan probably came up with this while drying dishes.

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  36. Chief wahoo
    aerotica69  3 months ago

    Is there no limit to this man’s genius?

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  37. Missing large
    Znox11  3 months ago

    Wow…just wow.

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  38. Lifi
    rossevrymn Premium Member 3 months ago

    Hah, I got out of your DA pun by the second frame.

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  39. Missing large
    Mannyo48  3 months ago

    I can only imagine

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  40. 1djojn
    RobinHood  3 months ago

    It had to be done.

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  41. Bun
    figuratively speaking  3 months ago

    It’s like witnessing a train wreck or real-housewives brawl. You know it’s coming; you know it. Every cell in you is screaming but you can’t look away.

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  42. Missing large
    Olddog04  3 months ago

    I’m just sittin’ here watching the wheels go round and round.

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  43. Bob 65
    rawalko  3 months ago

    The throwaway pun n the last panel is your best so far, Pastis.

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  44. Missing large
    skientist  3 months ago


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  45. Mime attachment
    cactusbob333  3 months ago

    We can moan, we can groan, but here we all are waiting for the next bomb to drop.

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  46. 96480   copy  2
    Goat from PBS  3 months ago

    I’m guessing that’s a song lyric. I don’t recognize it.

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  47. Missing large
    Uninspired Artist  3 months ago

    I had one of these pearls moments yesterday, me and a friend were listening to songs and a song I like (my generation) came up, he said “who wrote this!” And said “yeah they did” (The Who being the band that made the song” for a bit he was confused then we realized and laughed a lot

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  48. Missing large
    Otis Rufus Driftwood  3 months ago

    John Lennon might actually have enjoyed this one.

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  49. Elguapo
    ChucklinChuck  3 months ago

    We call it the L in Chicago. Still works for the pun.

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  50. Picture 001
    rshive  3 months ago

    Groan! At least Stephan gets extra credit for setting it up.

    But even if we all lived in peace, there are mini-creatures out there who don’t care much about what happens to us.

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  51. Missing large
    LKrueger41  3 months ago

    A ‘good’ punster shouldn’t have to go through Evan and El to set up the joke.

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  52. Avat
    Radish the old word monger Premium Member 3 months ago

    Its Wise Ass in pig form.

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  53. Millionchimps1
    tripwire45  3 months ago

    I’m surprised he lived long enough to leave Chicago.

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  54. Triscele
    txmystic  3 months ago

    Instant Karma got Stephan…

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  55. Hollow ichigo desu
    Marc Schiffres  3 months ago

    Come on Rat if you’re gonna beat him you gotta make sure he doesn’t get back up to do it again.

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  56. Missing large
    sschardi  3 months ago

    Sties? what are those?

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  57. Missing large
    garyrhorn  3 months ago

    This could be Evan or this could be el.

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  58. Magnet m
    Ellis97  3 months ago

    It ain’t easy living with someone else.

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  59. C3aa8388 7e12 470d 9735 d5aaf1e3f776
    Charles & Susan  Premium Member 3 months ago


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  60. Calvin robot
    johndifool  3 months ago

    Hate to break this to you Rat, but if Stephan vanishes from existence, so do you.

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  61. Missing large
    nancywilson51  3 months ago

    Ya gotta admit thinking up a song and then a story to fit the changes—takes a lot of something—imagination—pot? Something!

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  62. Grandpa hef
    Jeff0811  3 months ago

    I had to conquer Evan and El to get through that joke. When going to his office, people are knock-knock-knocking on Evan’s door.

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  63. Anarcho syndicalismvnnb   copy
    gigagrouch  3 months ago

    The apartment is more likely to be under the El.

    The Ravenswood el ran just outside the back door of one of my former homes. One came to only notice the trains when they weren’t running.
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  64. Pc1
    TheDOCTOR  3 months ago

    I know he’s not here anymore, but Lennon’s ATTORNEY is on the phone and wishes to speak to you.

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  65. Pirate63
    Linguist  3 months ago

    Thanks for the earworm, Stephan! Now that song’s going to be running around in my brain all day! Earworms aside, great gag & puns, today.

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  66. Missing large
    mtrimberger Premium Member 3 months ago

    SIR! You have outdone yourself! Congratulations!

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  67. Picture
    MitchellTimin  3 months ago

    Made me laugh!

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  68. Missing large
    Mayor Snorkum Premium Member 3 months ago

    I can’t help wondering how they translate all these unbearable puns into Spanish for that version of “Pearls.” The Spanish one is never today’s strip in English.

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  69. Cubic space
    mpolo11 Premium Member 3 months ago

    Saw this one coming from an inch away!

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  70. Doctor strange color 756863
    thedogesl Premium Member 3 months ago

    I have to admit, he had that one coming.

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  71. Missing large
    sshoredude00  3 months ago

    best one yet—keep ’em coming!

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  72. Nowyoulisten
    zeexenon  3 months ago

    Much better than a sty in the eye

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  73. Missing large
    davidklein  3 months ago

    I knew it was coming, but I just couldn’t stop. It’s like watching a train wreck.

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  74. Missing large
    s130003  3 months ago

    I love it!

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  75. Missing large
    rgjuul  3 months ago

    you can see it coming, but you’re never sure what it will be until the big reveal

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  76. Donna
    stillfickled Premium Member 3 months ago

    Great one!

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  77. Donald duck2
    gmu328  3 months ago

    Hey people, Stephan bought back the song to our attention and now we all have an earwig of a wonderful song for some time in our life. Or beat him on the head if you wish as it was a bad attempt at a pun – not one of his better one.

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  78. 1968 avatar 1
    pamela welch Premium Member 3 months ago

    G R O A N — LOLOL

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  79. Large 2022 06 26
    Tatman  3 months ago

    Pastis, you really thought you could hide from me, but it is I, Tatman your oldest enemy who has returned from the grave to punish your worst sins. One such is the one you have made on this date, the 26th of July, where I have caught you re-using a pun. You really thought you could get away with it you devilish bastard. You have a month to fix this behavior of bad puns and coping and pasting panels or else I Tatman, will deliver unto you ultimate punishment.

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  80. Missing large
    Ukko wilko  3 months ago

    Hit him again, Rat.

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  81. Missing large
    pablo139  3 months ago

    I’m sorry, but that is comedy genius.

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  82. Thinker
    Sisyphos  3 months ago

    Go, Rat, go! Punisher Rat takes down Cartoon-Boy! Oh, yeah!

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  83. Picture
    GregNelson1  3 months ago

    Anyone else see the setup starting so you just go straight to the pun?

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  84. Motorhead lemmy killmister desktop 1572x2367 wallpaper 346801
    Warhaft  3 months ago

    I’m with Rat on this one.

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  85. Missing large
    John Ruttner Premium Member 3 months ago

    This WILL all catch up with you, Pastis…

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  86. Nollanav
    DaBump Premium Member 3 months ago

    Never did like that song.

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  87. Your fav dog
    deojaideep aka Courage  3 months ago

    I don’t get it

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  88. Missing large
    JoeStoppinghem Premium Member 3 months ago

    Broke into the old apartment.

    42 steps to the street…

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  89. Missing large  3 months ago

    Peter was the Best.

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  90. Missing large  3 months ago

    Anybody acquainted with country music funsters Homer&Jethro version of “I Want To Hold Your Hand”?

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  91. Missing large
    dmostroff  3 months ago

    I knew a bad pun was coming when he started talking about Els and Evans.

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  92. Missing large
    John.Doe  3 months ago

    My uncle runs a clinic inside a hotel in SpainHe come out late at night to ring people’s doorbells. Because nobody suspects The Spanish Inn Physician

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  93. 20210929 182103
    Ren Rodee  3 months ago

    We can only hope the Lennon estate sues for defamation of character. :)

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  94. F69554cf5a13d4bbbe9ccf94786321f7
    Willowduckwentmissing  2 months ago

    imagine – john lennon

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  95. Unnamed
    Technoblade.  30 days ago

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