Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis for December 31, 2023

  1. Img 0910
    BE THIS GUY  6 months ago

    Tony Bennett hasn’t been gone long enough to be disrespected in this way.

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  2. Ding a ling
    BasilBruce  6 months ago

    Pig: “The Sysco kid is a friend of mine.”

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  3. Bluedog
    Bilan  6 months ago

    That joke belongs in San Francisco, 49 square miles surrounded by reality – Paul Kantner, Jefferson Airplane

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  4. Catsanddogsportrait
    DennisinSeattle Premium Member 6 months ago

    BOO! But yeah , a good boo. Well constructed pun.

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  5. Missing large
    rogthedodge1  6 months ago

    I left my harp in Sam Clam’s disco!

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  6. Zooey girl
    ronaldspence  6 months ago

    good way to end the year, with a groan!

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  7. Brain guy dancing hg clr
    Concretionist  6 months ago


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  8. Missing large
    Hello Everyone  6 months ago

    So Sunday is PUNday?

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  9. Ted4th
    seismic-2 Premium Member 6 months ago

    Of all the celebrity passings in 2023, Tony’s hit home the hardest. Having listened to him for decades I always felt comforted just knowing that he was still around, and somehow I just hoped that he always would be.

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  10. Plsa button
    Richard S Russell Premium Member 6 months ago

    I think the female version of the name is spelled “Frances”.

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  11. Coyote
    eromlig  6 months ago

    Where little cable cars / Drive clear across my scars…

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  12. Missing large
    GreasyOldTam  6 months ago

    I’m so well trained that when I saw all the text I started trying to find the names of states or countries.

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  13. Missing large
    cracker65  6 months ago

    That was a good one

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  14. Missing large
    rickgeorges Premium Member 6 months ago

    Shouldn’t she be spelled “Frances”?

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  15. Grandbudapesthotel cr alamy
    Imagine  6 months ago

    That took a lot of effort. Both to write and to read.

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  16. Img 20230511 134023590 portrait 5
    markkahler52  6 months ago

    Like a flag, may Pig’s art always wave!! (?)

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  17. Missing large
    JoeStoppinghem Premium Member 6 months ago

    I thought he was going with something like , “The sysco kid wants a stand of mine.”

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  18. Mrpeabodyboysherman
    iggyman  6 months ago

    Quite good!

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  19. Mrpeabodyboysherman
    iggyman  6 months ago

    Noe every time I see a Sysco truck I will think of this!

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  20. Image
    Lenavid  6 months ago

    Classic Pastis! Thank you, Steph! Happy New Year!

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  21. Ellis archer profile
    Ellis97  6 months ago

    Shouldn’t it be, “I left my art in THE sand, Fran?”

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  22. 20071112 einstein
    hariseldon59  6 months ago

    I wonder if Pig serves pork tacos.

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  23. Boston
    MS72  6 months ago

    I wondered how he’d work that company’s name into the gag. i gagged!

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  24. Your fav dog
    deojaideep aka Courage  6 months ago

    No Baseball bat today, huh Rat?

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  25. Missing large
    cmerb  6 months ago

    This one is a real " beauty " for sure : )

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  26. Large oliy hare
    PaulAbbott2  6 months ago

    Boo, hiss

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  27. Missing large
    russef  6 months ago

    Happy New Year Steph!!!

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  28. Huckandfish
    Huckleberry Hiroshima  6 months ago

    Pig’s naked.

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  29. Pirate63
    Linguist  6 months ago

    The late Tony Bennet, among his many talents, was quite an accomplished artist. I’m sure he’d have loved today’s Pastis Pun!

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  30. Lifi
    rossevrymn  6 months ago

    Nope, you didn’t git me………..not gonna read it.

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  31. Pexels pixabay 278823
    Doug K  6 months ago

    It washed away with the tide.

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  32. Missing large
    Cary Rodda Premium Member 6 months ago

    Hah! I wasn’t sure a pun was coming but you delivered!

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  33. Missing large
    Frank Salem Premium Member 6 months ago

    It should be Frances for a woman, not Francis.

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  34. Missing large
    FrugalFrankie  6 months ago

    So Stephan, not to complain or anything, but the female spelling is Frances, with an “e” not an “i”. It’s a lifelong pet peeve of mine after being put in boy’s gym classes, wood working, etc. (this was the 1960’s) Haha and I ended up with a boy nickname after all!

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  35. Ignatz
    Ignatz Premium Member 6 months ago

    Guessed this one in the first panel, Stephan.

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  36. Missing large
    Egrayjames  6 months ago

    So Pig has a Sysco trough. Sorry, but I’ve been using that expression for years due to the fact there are very few food suppliers where I live; making most restaurants limited in their offerings.

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  37. Missing large
    2001conv  6 months ago

    It’s all in the timing.

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  38. Bob 65
    Droptma Styx  6 months ago

    The good news is, Pastis promised this is the last pun for the rest of the year!

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  39. 3c777ff2 4bb1 47cd 9770 62ea9f8bab9b
    monya_43  6 months ago

    Hope everyone has a happy and prosperous new year!

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  40. Img 20190428 152052 hdr kindlephoto 2072758
    SusieB  6 months ago

    I admire Pastis and his puns. Takes a talent I certainly don’t have

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  41. Missing large
    jel354  6 months ago

    A nice and cheesy tribute to Tony Bennett.

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  42. 250
    ladykat  6 months ago


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  43. 196208 10150111041646691 1392394 n
    lproven  6 months ago

    Surely “Frances” rather than “Francis”?

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  44. Missing large
    royq27  6 months ago

    End the year on a high! Great, unfortunately I left my wallet and phone…

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  45. April 2017 phone pictures 182  2
    jannichols2000  6 months ago

    Very punny!!!!!

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  46. Bun
    figuratively speaking  6 months ago

    That pun was so good. It’ll haunt my dreams.

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  47. 96480   copy  2
    Goat from PBS  6 months ago

    Rat, Stephan’s puns will live on forever.

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  48. 1017207 10200214106421862 492754112 n
    Cameron1988 Premium Member 6 months ago

    Saw that one coming

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  49. Img 4475
    carlosrivers  6 months ago

    …and, does rat realize that if Stephan’s art disappears, HE disappears?

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  50. Missing large
    gigi20  6 months ago

    It took me a second to understand rest-aurant. I’ve never seen it separated like that.

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  51. Photo 1501706362039 c06b2d715385
    Zebrastripes  6 months ago

    LOL! Thanks for another great year of Toons Stephan! ❤️


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  52. Cave cat
    CaveCat87  6 months ago

    Come on, Rat! Lighten up! That’s actually a pretty good one! Admit it!

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  53. C3aa8388 7e12 470d 9735 d5aaf1e3f776
    Charles & Susan  Premium Member 6 months ago

    Bravo Steph! Happy New Year!

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  54. Missing large
    dv  6 months ago

    If he is going to leave his art there, shouldn’t he instead be ordering networking equipment from Cisco systems? Their logo looks like the golden gate bridge after all.

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  55. 20230217 003824
    brianstreleckis  6 months ago

    No disrespect is meant by this, and these strips ending in song lyrics happen frequently.

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  56. Missing large
    louhmartin Premium Member 6 months ago

    Some of the comments are about as funny as the pun itself. Happy new year!

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  57. Snoopy
    The Fly Hunter  6 months ago

    I once worked for the competition. Instead of Sysco we called them Psycho. They called us Useless Foodservice. We both said that PFG stood for Pretty F’ing Gross.

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  58. Urbanrenew
    dallenboston  6 months ago


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  59. Noh8 tw
    socalvillaguy Premium Member 6 months ago

    Generally, I like puns…

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  60. Missing large
    Flossie Mud Duck  6 months ago

    Thanks. It’s been a while since one of these appeared. I’d almost forgotten how to groan.

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  61. Strega
    P51Strega  6 months ago

    LOL, Yay a pun strip!

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  62. Strega
    P51Strega  6 months ago

    I definitely bennetfitted from reading today’s strip.

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  63. Screenshot 20180802 120401 samsung internet
    Kurtass Premium Member 6 months ago


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  64. Logo
    TwilightFaze  6 months ago

    Laughed a WEEEEEE bit too hard at this one!

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  65. crop
    mpolo11 Premium Member 6 months ago

    One of the most torturous yet!

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  66. Missing large
    zenyattafan  6 months ago

    Stephan would have to wait until the last day of 2023 to publish the Pun of the Year.

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  67. Kea
    KEA  6 months ago

    i actually saw (heard in my head) this one coming

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  68. Missing large
    Otis Rufus Driftwood  6 months ago

    Happy New Year to all ‘Pearls’ fans.

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  69. Gato landru  fondo rojo
    wordsmeet  6 months ago

    Good thing Stephan didn’t name the supplier Sisko or else he’d be sued. :D

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  70. Loudly crying face 1f62d
    I'm Sad  6 months ago

    a) Remember in the old days when people read the comics for fun? b) Let us people who have been alive a long time enjoy good stuff like this because c) Good puns are a lot of fun!

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  71. Froggy with cat ears
    willie_mctell  6 months ago

    Formerly S. E. Rykoff.

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  72. Ecd86d39 32ff 4415 8649 563cd2c1048d
    Joan Tinnin Premium Member 6 months ago

    Dear Stephan, I absolutely loathe puns. I absolutely adore the brilliance of your puns.

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  73. Imagesca66di1a
    Thehag  6 months ago

    Timely. Giant waves hitting the west coast.

    Love these puns.

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  74. Missing large
    birdcountry99  6 months ago

    “Cisco” kid was a friend of mine….

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  75. 9493a19e 7d06 403c 9f3f 133c8c2ad8b0
    psiciliano Premium Member 6 months ago

    INSERT GROAN EMOJI HERE*** More, please! LOL!

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  76. 6b6a17aa 4633 4ce3 959e 2cd6e82fbf91
    alexius23  6 months ago

    Where little cable cars take you half way to the Stars

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  77. Missing large
    topekaboo street  6 months ago

    For the character in the yellow / gold top, name should be ‘Frances’!

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  78. Missing large
    luluputu  6 months ago

    Pastis, you make me laugh!

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  79. Missing large
    jtburgess Premium Member 6 months ago

    Now that’s the kind of ultra contrived humor I expect from this guy.Happy new year, y’all.

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  80. 4989eeee 8c97 430b b18e dadb575fb018
    bigplayray  6 months ago

    I was hoping for something with “The Sysco Kid”. You know… He was a friend of mine!

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  81. Fp
    GumbyDammit223  6 months ago

    Hey! At least he called it art!!

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  82. Missing large
    Richard Perry  6 months ago

    I love Pastis’s cheesy puns.

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  83. Asterix
    Jaime Jean M  6 months ago

    No matter how hard I try, I can never figure out the pun before the end.

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  84. Missing large
    Katje  6 months ago

    Happy New Year! And may your next fart be a dry one… :D

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  85. Image0
    And So It Goes  6 months ago

    Stephan turely went a long way to make an Un Fun Pun.

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  86. Missing large
    elgrecousa Premium Member 6 months ago

    Rat should be careful; Pastis may wipe him out of the strip.

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  87. Gidney
    sperry532  6 months ago

    Oh, my, ghod.

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  88. 9af3156a 5d4a 42c7 ac14 c387007e9be3
    M209T Premium Member 6 months ago

    And with that, San Francisco sinks slowly into the west… ;-)

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  89. Nollanav
    DaBump Premium Member 6 months ago

    I saw what was coming with “Francis” and “Sysco,” I just had to see how he got there.

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  90. Missing large
    Victory  6 months ago


    Anybody else remember (apologies, this is from memory only)

    “Count tree roads. Take me, Holmes, to the plains, I’ll be long”??

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  91. Missing large
    asrialfeeple  6 months ago

    HAPPY 2024!!

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  92. Missing large
    7adelman Premium Member 6 months ago


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  93. Amazing fox photos 25
    eddi-TBH  6 months ago

    Have a punny New Year, y’all.

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  94. 1968 avatar 1
    pamela welch Premium Member 6 months ago

    G R O A N & G R O A N – LOLOL

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  95. Missing large
    ejvj  5 months ago

    I love the puns. Happy New Year, all!

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  96. Missing large
    jblock1953  5 months ago

    Tony definitely had a sense of humor. He appeared on Saturday Night Live with Alec Baldwin when Alec was doing a Tony Bennett impression hosting the Tony Bennett show when he introduced his special guest Anthony Bennedetto. They sang a duet and the real Tony could hardly keep a straight face.

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  97. Missing large
    Salty dog Premium Member 5 months ago

    One of the best puns I have read

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  98. Missing large
    bwest.devore37  5 months ago


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  99. Missing large
    calmom75 Premium Member 5 months ago

    Male spelling is ‘Francis’ – female spelling is ‘Frances’….. just sayin’…

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  100. Donald duck2
    gmu328  5 months ago

    Some folks would say this shows disrespect to Tony Bennett, as he hasn’t been gone long enough. However, this no such thing, this is Pastis homage to a great.

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  101. Missing large
    beekeeper333  5 months ago

    My favorite is I left my harp in Sam Clam’s disco!

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  102. 96480   copy  2
    Goat from PBS  5 months ago

    Happy 22nd birthday, Pearls! Nothing like celebrating with a pun.

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