Phoebe and Her Unicorn by Dana Simpson for July 09, 2013

  1. Mh900194052
    texan1972  about 11 years ago

    lake Munster coming for a visit

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  2. Adragon3
    Me3000  about 11 years ago

    the lake monster doesn’t stab like marigold, though it was sue that said it and not phoebe

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  3. Hag props
    Hag5000  about 11 years ago

    They’ll notice the monster in 5…4…3…2…

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  4. Img 7448
    Happy, happy, happy!!! Premium Member about 11 years ago


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  5. Phoebe
    kaykeyser  about 11 years ago

    Well Sue does have a point.

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  6. Missing large
    EvilFairy  about 11 years ago

    Is…is Sue being trained to be a clarinet-playing, stiletto-wielding government assassin?

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  7. Pl1
    Masterius  about 11 years ago

    Love how Marigold’s tail idly trails through the water. And, yes, with the lake monster appearing just then I, too, sense a bit of foreshadowing.

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  8. Missing large
    Comic Minister Premium Member about 11 years ago

    Thank you Phoebe. Sue is still wearing her dress even if she is canoeing. I notice she’s not wearing pantyhose. I guess that’s her favorite dress.

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  9. 000 0557
    Darwinskeeper  about 11 years ago

    Sue is saying that being here is “non-stabby” thus she’s hinting that she gets poked a lot at home.

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  10. Img
    Stellagal  about 11 years ago

    I’m trying to figure out the “non-stabby” comment. Sue get’s stabbed at home? With what, knives? Swords? Needles? Rude comments?

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  11. Aaaaaaaamercedes
    BAndABro  over 6 years ago

    Did anyone notice the lake monster?

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  12. Kark hockey
    Kark_The_Red_Canadian_Dragon  2 months ago

    What neighbourhood does SHE come from!!? 0_0

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