Phoebe and Her Unicorn by Dana Simpson for October 19, 2016

  1. Oh160601
    andrewmmadsen  over 7 years ago

    “With power comes great responsibility.” Especially when that responsibility is doing chores.

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  2. Jump
    bigcatbusiness  over 7 years ago

    The power of doing chores by just looking at them… oh Marigold! Where are you when we need you?

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  3. Omav
    Averagemoe  over 7 years ago

    Usually a secret identity is to prevent villains from attacking you at home. Has Ethan become Clautrophoebea’s new memesis? Will he team up with Pointyhead? Tune in tommorow when that probably doesn’t happen.

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  4. Skywise21 2
    Yngvar Følling  over 7 years ago

    I thought Phoebe’s parents were free of the Shield of Boringness, but they seem to take quite a lot in their stride.

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  5. Auroragriffin
    Aurora_Griffin  over 7 years ago

    Sooner or later, she’ll need a disguise. Good thing they did this during Halloween, when she can blend in with everyone else. x)

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  6. Cnh1 large
    tirnaaisling  over 7 years ago

    And they thought it would be another 2 years before you could safely reach the sink… Woot for levitation!

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  7. Blackbeard avatar
    ShadowBeast Premium Member over 7 years ago

    And that’s why heroes keep their secret identities secret from their love-ones.

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  8. Img
    Stellagal  over 7 years ago

    Either Phoebe’s family had a party, or those dishes were piling up for a week. :)

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  9. Missing large
    Trscroggs  over 7 years ago

    I wonder how long Phoebe is going to retain these powers.

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  10. Jem
    jerrica.benton333  about 1 year ago

    i can levitate a couple feet but only if im dreaming and only if no one sees me.

    (if someone sees me i get stuck on the ceiling)

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