Phoebe and Her Unicorn by Dana Simpson for May 31, 2023

  1. Avatar 10c9bbbaddcd 128
    Sugar Bombs 95  6 months ago

    Just ask Courage, for instance.

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  2. Missing large
    codycab  6 months ago

    Others put things in their closet or maybe a storage.

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  3. Omav
    Averagemoe  6 months ago

    Abstract concepts get a free pass.

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  4. Missing large
    anja_murmann  6 months ago

    So “nowhere” isn’t part of “everywhere” but it is part of “somewhere” ?

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  5. New badger avatar
    tudza Premium Member 6 months ago

    Fess up horsie, you just put them in a magical bus locker.

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  6. Green 5 point celtic knot 300
    Erse IS better  6 months ago

    That’s one of the rules of our universe. Or maybe it’s an axiom.

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  7. Jungletaitei
    Jungle Empress  6 months ago

    AKA the unicorn bag of holding.

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  8. Forbear
    Qiset  6 months ago

    love it!

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  9. Missing large
    cmxx  6 months ago

    I used to drive home from work listening to a public radio humor show whose name I’ve forgotten. In one show, a guy was purporting to be giving a lecture on “The Universe.”

    He began: “You may be wondering why I chose to speak to you tonight about the universe. [short pause] There isn’t anything else.”

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  10. Z76yv737q
    mysterysciencefreezer  6 months ago

    I think you broke her.

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  11. Mrpeabodyboysherman
    iggyman  6 months ago

    She got you there Phoebe!

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  12. Amazing fox photos 25
    eddi-TBH  6 months ago

    I prefer to put them elsewhere. There’s more room.

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  13. Man with x ray glasses
    The Reader Premium Member 6 months ago


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  14. Avatar 2475
    Troglodyte  6 months ago

    This is going nowhere…really quick!

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  15. Uninewicon300
    Eala Dubh Sidhe  6 months ago

    Existential crises for human and unicorns work on entirely different levels.

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  16. Missing large
    sueb1863  6 months ago

    I’m pretty sure physics is involved.

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  17. Damon 2
    William T. Goat, Esq.  6 months ago

    The inside of a magician’s hat leads to nowhere.

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  18. Avat
    gt7h1  6 months ago

    Phoebe’s mind is Nowhere to find.

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  19. Harold peary
    thegreat.gildersleeve  6 months ago

    Sorry for being lame, but here goes ….. She’s a real nowhere mare, hoarding in her nowhere lair, breaking minds with nowhere flair, for ~Unicorn!~

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  20. Missing large
    WaitingMan  6 months ago

    “I gotta get away from this day-to-day running around.

    Everybody knows this is nowhere.”

    “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere”, Neil Young and Crazy Horse

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  21. 000 0557
    Darwinskeeper  6 months ago

    It’s possible that Marigold is storing her things in Knowhere. The Guardians of the Galaxy might be looking after them.

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  22. Mini lego caboose spin
    Joseph comicinthestrip  6 months ago

    This question is almost as baffling as Larry’s rebuttal when Squidward told him “We gotta get SoongeBob back!”

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  23. Images  15
    moxogeni  6 months ago

    this may be weird but dana, you should use ellipses more they’re great in the last panal.

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  24. Missing large
    Steverino Premium Member 6 months ago

    The law of conservation of energy and mass, as well as the first law of thermodynamics says that everything has to be somewhere.

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  25. Sixshotprofile
    Decepticomic  6 months ago

    Where’s god? [Reads news] Oh, nowhere.

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  26. Slogo3avatar
    scyphi26  6 months ago

    Personally, I’m just thinking that “NOWHERE,” in this case, is just a somewhere that the unicorns have dubbed “nowhere,” because unicorn.

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  27. Missing large
    Jefano Premium Member 6 months ago

    “The gravy there don’t stick on your vest. / And that’s what I like about Nowhere.” — Red Ingle and the Natural Seven

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  28. Raven1
    amaneaux  6 months ago

    If you’re wondering what Nowhere’s king looks like:

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  29. gif maker  2
    BiggerNate91  6 months ago

    You can just hear that sickening “CRAACK” in Phoebe’s mind.

    Also is Marigold referring to hammer space? (Or probably unicorn space in this instance)

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  30. Nano
    Lauren Kramer  6 months ago

    God, don’t ever let Phoebe find out about quantum mechanics

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  31. Missing large
    Stephen Gilberg  6 months ago

    Seems unicorns are like Martians from “Stranger in a Strange Land.”

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  32. Rick
    tghllama  6 months ago

    Nowhere is somewhere. Just ask Jeremy (Yellow Submarine)

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  33. Pl1
    Masterius  6 months ago

    I remember reading a story years ago, where someone was cast into “Nowhere” and “No When”. The more I meditated on just what that was—and the consequences of being cast into that—the colder my blood turned.

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  34. Froggy with cat ears
    willie_mctell  6 months ago

    It’s a unicorn thing. They can perceive and access things that humans can’t.

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  35. Missing large
    Cat girl  6 months ago


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  36. Missing large
    Ray Helvy Premium Member 6 months ago

    Because if it isn’t somewhere, it can’t be shown to exist.

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  37. Grumpy bear by capsicum
    DDrazen  6 months ago

    “It’s a ship. There are only so many places she could be.” Cal, “Titanic”

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  38. 2da50e14 ed37 4a72 af59 18b8d0ad242f
    AMBER1  6 months ago

    That’s just great! Now her brain is on the frizz!

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  39. Nollanav
    DaBump Premium Member 6 months ago

    Utopia! also, didn’t Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood have some visitors from Nowhere?Maybe I’m thinking of Someplace Else or something like that. Oh, and then there’s Marvel’s Knowhere…

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