Pickles by Brian Crane for August 05, 2022

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    StephenRice  4 months ago

    Well, Opal blew that one.

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  2. Ava2
    C  4 months ago

    A quiet Opal is so unfamiliar

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  3. The rat
    Ratkin  4 months ago

    On second thought, you can keep it.

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  4. 2
    I'm here for the cookies Premium Member 4 months ago

    At least they didn’t swap teeth

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  5. Badger 4 360
    sirbadger  4 months ago

    With that mustache, they could get stuck together.

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  6. Missing large
    j_m_kuehl  4 months ago

    There you go again, always trying to pop Opel’s bubble

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  7. Img 20211208 115937
  8. Noodleman 2  2
    Cornelius Noodleman  4 months ago

    Oh yuck.

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  9. Img 1931
    Sanspareil  4 months ago

    Earl gummed up her denture works!

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  10. Missing large
    eced52  4 months ago

    That’s one deep kiss

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  11. Ubik
    Pharmakeus Ubik  4 months ago

    I thought she was going to end up with his mustache.

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  12. Missing large
    jmworacle  4 months ago

    She took the gum right of his mouth, it must have been when he was kissing her.*

    *A tribute to the late great Meatloaf.

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  13. Pc200099
    assrdood  4 months ago

    My high school girlfriend & I would swap chewing gum just for fun. No hands.

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  14. Fb img 1516982044221
    jagedlo  4 months ago

    That’s what you get for overdoing the kiss, Earl!

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  15. Mrpeabodyboysherman
    iggyman  4 months ago

    Love is sharing!

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  16. Missing large
    tremaine53  4 months ago


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  17. Missing large
    stairsteppublishing  4 months ago

    Oh My Goodness.

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  18. Red panda small
    Redd Panda  4 months ago

    Better that Earl gave Opal his gum, and not his dentures.

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  19. B3b2b771 4dd5 4067 bfef 5ade241cb8c2
    cdward  4 months ago

    When we were dating, my future wife did that to me once — but the way she did it was so sexy I almost melted right then and there.

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  20. Animal triangle
    ANIMAL  4 months ago


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  21. Missing large
    Ivan Araque  4 months ago

    Pass the denture while you’re at it…

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  22. Dfad5cc9 4de3 4b25 a7f8 b843674cff9a
    Zebrastripes  4 months ago

    LMAO! That was some smooch Earl!

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  23. Picture
    StevePappas  4 months ago

    Slightly funny.

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  24. Red skelton
    Daltongang Premium Member 4 months ago

    Everyone knows that sharing your bubble gum is the ultimate sign of true love.

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  25. Waldo
    Indianapolis Smith  4 months ago

    I went to a small Christian college back in the day. The college paper had a comic strip showing (in panel 1) Joe College walking down the street, admiring an approaching freshman girl. Panel 2 was the word “KISS” and panel 3 was the word “SLAP”. Panel 4 showed Joe College thinking “at least I got her gum”.

    The uproar was amazing. It was just a comic strip, and people were sending letters to the editor complaining. I thought the response was at LEAST as funny as the comic.

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  26. 22ebfcac ced8 4f81 81ab 38a9544c0f83
    ragsarooni Premium Member 4 months ago

    Ok,happy now,opal?

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  27. 68e8d67170ceeafc8adb9acbefd3f19a
    Budman 2  4 months ago

    EWWWW !

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  28. Kirby close up with poppies behind   close cropped
    mistercatworks  4 months ago

    My second wife was considerably older than I but she wasted no time hinting around when she wanted affection. I met her at a Renaissance Faire where I paid for an hour-long massage on some hay bales. (In those days I was “dancer fit”). We talked afterward for a while. She told me how much she admired my mind. I knew EXACTLY what she meant. :)

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  29. Missing large
    stamps  4 months ago

    And my teeth.

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  30. Missing large
    timbob2313 Premium Member 4 months ago

    Guess he doesn’t have false teeth. I discovered a few decades ago that chewing gum and having a mustache are not compatible.

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  31. Image
    MuddyUSA  Premium Member 4 months ago

    A French exchange kiss?

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  32. Missing large
    heathcliff2  4 months ago

    I smell a conspiracy. I haven’t figured it out yet, but I smell it.

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  33. Nowyoulisten
    zeexenon  4 months ago

    French, I bet.

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  34. 1024px libertarian disc.svg
    briggs.roy078  4 months ago

    Ohh La La! Earl you ol’ dog!

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  35. Missing large
    Olddog04  4 months ago

    Ooooooh, KINKY!!

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  36. Missing large
    Realimaginary1 Premium Member 4 months ago

    Today, Garfield is having a Pickles moment, and Pickles has entered the Rose is Rose zone!

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  37. Google profile picture
    Sir Isaac  4 months ago

    She was asking for it and she got it!

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  38. Win 20201204 12 32 23 pro
    oakie817  4 months ago

    most excellent

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  39. Bth baby puppies1111111111 1
    kab2rb  4 months ago

    Wow! great kiss from Earl. My own hubby not been able to kiss me like that in a while, reason short story but true. Mid May accident left lower femur fracture, Orthopedic not operable no cast, messed up, next x-ray showed results of messed up, bone really broke, I been very careful not to mess up, 16th x-ray going cautious, not healed right wrap, surgery cannot be done. Hubby does tend to me. I have to use wheelchair then walker by hopping right leg. I have tried does not work with my body or my sore bone. Hip bone okay just above that. Yes had lot of pain. I am so ready to get rid of wheelchair and not certain of walker.

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  40. Giphy downsized
    Angry Indeed Premium Member 4 months ago

    That gum must be Juicy Smooch! ;-p

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