Pluggers by Rick McKee for September 02, 2010

  1. Plugger
    ImaPlugger2  almost 14 years ago

    Or worse than that, writing a personal check!

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  2. Missing large
    jackdohany  almost 14 years ago

    The wannabe check writer is also fumbling around looking for a checkbook, pen & driver’s license.

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  3. Image
    Olddog1  almost 14 years ago

    Check writers are OK if they have the book out and the “pay to order” filled in before the total rings up. The worst are the ones who seem to forget that they have to pay until everything is bagged and the checker is staring at them. Then they start looking for the book. chas still best.

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  4. Tarot
    Nighthawks Premium Member almost 14 years ago

    you’re also a plugger if you are proud that you can pay in the exact change down to the penny

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  5. F 22 raptor
    rainman5353  almost 14 years ago

    Actually, the people that I see paying with cash mostly are Mexicans. Why do you suppose that is?

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  6. 11949866521635593993mountain dulcimer terry 1    copy
    rw1h  almost 14 years ago

    I’m seeing more and more people in my checkout line using food stamps……..

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  7. F 22 raptor
    rainman5353  almost 14 years ago

    Around here nobody uses food stamps, it is put on a “debit card”. Swipe and go!

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  8. Bunny rides
    Misha1995  almost 14 years ago

    In Texas also, the “food stamp” is a debit card so that the users aren’t stigmatized and made to feel poor and inferior.

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  9. Missing large
    Sillstaw  almost 14 years ago

    Pluggers are the reason going through the drive-thru takes forever nowadays.

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