Pluggers by Rick McKee for May 12, 2022

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    Храм С.О.Д. (Templo S.U.D. ucraniano)  7 months ago

    he’ll still sweat profusely in them

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    sousamannd  7 months ago

    Pluggers don’t care!

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  3. Missing large
    nicka93  7 months ago

    Many wear the same shirts winter or summer.

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  4. Missing large
    juicebruce  7 months ago

    Must admit Spring is hard to dress for . 45 degrees in the morning and 75 degrees in the afternoon ;-)

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  5. Img 1157
    brick10  7 months ago

    Or cut off the sleeves above where the elbows have worn through.

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  6. Missing large
    Doug K  7 months ago

    I prefer to wear short sleeve shirts all year round. And put on a hooded sweatshirt if necessary.

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  7. Pic2
    PeaceWouldBeNice  7 months ago

    Still gets chilly in the evening, even sitting around the campfire.

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  8. Pic2
    PeaceWouldBeNice  7 months ago

    And if you have to “go” in the woods, the sleeves make for a good wipe; better than using a sock.

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  9. Little b
    Dani Rice  7 months ago


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  10. Missing large
    david_42  7 months ago

    I’ve gotten in the habit of wearing a themed T-shirt as an undershirt. Gets warm, just take the long-sleeved shirt off, tie it around your waist. (Realizing that might not be an option for many Pluggers).

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  11. Photo
    KFischer1  7 months ago

    Some of us just stop wearing a T-shirt.

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  12. Roundel of sweden.svg
    rhpii  7 months ago

    Puggers have their long sleeves cut off to become short sleeves once they wear through at the elbows.

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  13. Anim chromosomes
    chromosome Premium Member 7 months ago

    Maybe by the time he’s worn them often enough, they have become more threadbare and better for wearing in the summer.

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  14. Large gentbear3b1a
    Gent  7 months ago

    We bearly needs lotsa shirts.

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  15. Missing large
    ctolson  7 months ago

    Actually, any long sleeve shirts fall into this category. I wear long sleeve shirts all summer and roll up the sleeves when I get warm. Also saves on the sun screen, ’cause on those warm/hot days, I wear shirts that are worn thin for more air circulation and keep the sleeves down.

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  16. Kirby close up with poppies behind   close cropped
    mistercatworks  7 months ago

    I didn’t discover “real” flannel until a couple of years ago. It is amazingly comfortable over a twenty-degree temperature range. Warm – roll up the sleeves. Cold – turn up the collar and button the collar button. It really is worth it to spend an extra $20 or $30 for good flannel.

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  17. Missing large
    mafastore  7 months ago

    Husband cannot find new shirts he likes – so I keep making hidden sewing repairs to his old ones.

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