Pooch Cafe by Paul Gilligan for June 14, 2009

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    cleokaya  about 15 years ago

    At least it was the first O they replaced with an I. If it was the second then he would be Ponchi.

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  2. Missing large
    kreole  about 15 years ago

    I almost missed the ‘Pincho’ remark by his master.

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  3. Text if you d like to meet him
    Yukoneric  about 15 years ago

    pincho means thorn or pointed stick.

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  4. 00000
    alondra  about 15 years ago

    Looks like Chazz pulled one over on you but good Poncho, or is that Pincho?

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  5. Horseshoes3
    McGehee  about 15 years ago

    Whether the collar attaches from the left or right depends on who’s putting it on, I think.

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  6. Keeley grass
    keeleyg  about 15 years ago

    Nail-clipping day? You fell for a big one Poncho/Pincho? I hope you trade that collar in for your old one! Aren’t the gang pulling your paw, not your leg, I guess it doesn’t matter in the Pooch Cafe!

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